Common Sense is My Therapy by Valerie Cheers Brown

What does forward thinking mean?

According to Merriam Webster Dictionary it means thinking about the future.

Should we be thinking about the future or should we be thinking about right now?

Why are there so many scientific studies and do they really help?

“A new scientific study concludes that there are too many scientific studies. Written by researchers in Finland and California, it is entitled “Attention Decay In Science” (pdf).”

The paper traces some extremely straightforward and troublesome substances. For instance, it noticed that researchers can’t stay informed concerning all the studies in their field. Also, it reasons that the reference rate of papers is quickly declining after some time.

Amazing, and, it was scientists who created our caring, sharing, digital world with so much social media outlets especially for music to be listened to..

Let’s see if they can get us beyond it by using the craft of musicians, artists and their music for health benefits.

With us being in the video era, couldn’t musicians, artists just do videos and see what happens themselves with music with different illnesses and diseases?

Yes, I know we need science but for something as simple as playing music for a patient suffering with any kind of illness, it is not as if they will get any side effects from or hurt them.

I can only think of one main thing what music can do and that is to cause a reaction for anybody or make them either want to dance or sing with music.

I cannot even believe that music could be called the term society calls it non-evidenced based treatment.

It either works or it does not?

If anybody uses music like many of us do, they will know the effects of what music really can do.

There are all kinds of music which can heal all kinds of illnesses and diseases and I am a proven case.

I can hardly believe the many negative stories out there writing and reporting that music is a non-evidenced based treatment?

I know what music can do and it has helped me with nerve pain and actually has almost completely gotten rid of it for me.

And the best thing is that I don’t need prescribed medications anymore thanks to music.

Music and writing has been my method to my nerve pain madness which I have very little anymore.

When I was on medication, the pain got worst if you ask me because the next day I did not want to do a thing and was groggy, lazy and could not think straight.

I was supposed to be on a Neurontin or Gabapentin for the rest of my life and that medicine is the pits and I got myself off of and was told by doctors not to stop abruptly, but I managed and got myself off of and feel so much better.

Maybe music is considered non-evidenced  based treatment because then the pharmaceutical Industry would not make any money, you think?

In the history. I have never seen so many children suffering with autism in my life and/or ADD or ADHD.

I believe I had ADD when I was a kid, but I was so active and back then in the 1950’s was not even spoken about and if it were my parents were not having us on medication.

We are active children and I was very active in gymnastics, something the doctors said I would not be able to participate in because of asthma and scoliosis.

I thank God for me participating and being active when a kid and am still active and walk daily and don’t have asthma anymore and scoliosis is under control and I am managing by eating properly, exercising and speaking about it.

Look at all of the medicine prescriptions which would not be filled if music were to become an evident-based treatment.

According to the Autism Science Foundation, healthcare fraud is a big business in the United States.

Fringe treatment suppliers prey on distress and trepidation, and cheat many people of all ages with various unwarranted cases.

Why can’t we as people using common sense just begin to try alternative methods of healing for ourselves and watch our children closely when they are on medication and if you don’t like what the medication is doing, try something on your own.

How can we go wrong when our children are being given medication which cause other problems.

The movie “First Do No Harm” is speaking about doctors and their oath and I thought the patient was to be first and not prescribed medications.

The little boy in that film was being treated for seizures which turned into more seizures and so many other problems such as constipation and more problems.

Can you imagine a poor baby dealing with constipation and this is what medication will do to you when they keep using you as a guinea pig?

We may as well do our own research and use our bodies as guinea pigs.

I know when I was in nursing school and when it came time to learn to give shots subcutaneous, they asked would you like to use an orange or me. Those smaller needles hurt worst than the big ones to me, and I wanted to learn properly on myself first before I did on anyone else.

So I decided I wanted to do myself and I was sure not going to hurt myself. and I did not want to hurt my patients neither.

So back to the movie, “First Do No Harm” the kid went had really bad seizures and the medication the nurse ordered melted the styrofoam cup so badly that the cup fell apart.

Folks got news for you, that stuff happens in real life if the doctor or nurse don’t know what the heck to do in an emergency situation and we put our own lives into their hands thinking they are supposed to “First Do No Harm.”

The movie was showing facts and I know firsthand what medication can do and watched what it did to both my mother who suffered with MS and my dad who was a diabetic/

My daddy had two strokes due to medication and nobody is going to tell me anything different and I know what caused it because one of the medications he was on was one I was one too and when I saw what it did to him, I stopped it too.

The medication was an anti-depressant, Amitriptyline and again, I was groggy the next day and could hardly function and it was supposed to help with sleeping for me and my dad.

This again reminds me of common sense not being used in this country very much.

This brings me to the movie watched called, “First Do No Harm” with Meryl Streep where when conventional treatments fail, she turns to a much controversial diet after doing research on her own.

Don’t we in this country need to do more research for ourselves and not let conventional treatments be our main goals of life.

When we are prescribed medications which causing all other kinds of issues in this country which make us more sick than we originally were, doesn’t it make sense to maybe try doing more research for ourselves to find natural alternatives for healing and maybe even digging deep enough actually finding people who have been cured and what methods were used to heal and cure.

You know with so much available internet accessible research database today or even going to the library where books and research are sitting, information is just waiting for you and they are even open to the public to use for finding studies that worked!

Find your nearest medical research library and if you let them know what you want to find or do, they will be more than happy to allow you to have at their databases and books for your own research.

All it takes is one healed person and one cured person will be heard

We believe what we hear on the tv, radio, or what we read, but when it is something so beneficial and so positive like our health people are pretty skeptical and this really baffles myself!

I do realize that what may be good for one person may not be good for another but when it comes to our lives, is taking prescribed medications especially for a short or ven long period of time, that shows no signs of improvement worth a try of researching for ourselves and trusting God’s healing with natural methods?

Why are there so many studies and who pays for them?

Most researchers will find it easy to support the majority of the recommendations in a new report by a National Academies panel given that the committee calls for spending tens of billions of new public and private dollars each year on research, training, and infrastructure at the nation’s elite universities.

Who actually benefits from scientific studies?

According to Understanding Science How Science Really Works, “the procedure of science is a method for building learning about the universe — developing new thoughts that light up our general surroundings. Those thoughts are characteristically conditional, yet as they push through the procedure of science over and over and are tried and retested in diverse ways, we turn out to be progressively certain about them.”

“Besides, through this same iterative procedure, thoughts are altered, extended, and consolidated into all the more effective clarifications. For instance, a couple of perceptions about legacy designs in greenery enclosure peas can — over numerous years and through the work of a wide range of researchers — be incorporated with the expansive comprehension of hereditary qualities offered by science today.”

“So, despite the fact that the procedure of science is iterative, thoughts don’t stir through it dully. The cycle effectively serves to build and coordinate investigative inform.”

It all goes back to forward thinking and do we not think that the present right now will make it better for tomorrow or as society’s forward thinking future?

What is most important is our right now and our present and we have not found the method to our own madness in this world right now today.

How can we predict what we are not doing today for the sick?

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” — Socrates

When medications have all of the side effects shouldn’t science be trying to improve that first before it goes on the market?

One main reason I despise the television is all of the side effect commercials and those are medications which are being filled as the commercial is being advertised.

Have the people in this world gone mad?

Who do we blame, the FDA or people for not using common sense?

Well, I am here to tell you that music helps with pain and would be so interested in seeing more musicians maybe holding concerts for different illness or disease groups and their reactions can be recorded for the world to see.

All I can clearly say with proven facts going all the way back to Socrates and Plato, “If you’ve paid much attention to how you respond to a variety of music, you may have noticed that some music seems to energize you, some music can move you to tears or spark a special memory of a time, place, food, or perhaps a certain person. Some music seems to make you relax, feel less stressed, and feel happier. And some music fills us with deep spiritual atonement.”

If music does something to plants when played, think of the effects it could really have on helping our health and well-being to grow into something better with no side-effects.

Music – A Prescription for Healing of Mind, Body and Soul. 

The health of the physical body is inextricably tied to our emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Music is a powerful catalyst for healing because it touches the very core of humanity….our souls.

With music, we can remember our connection to the Creator and the powerful Healer within.

We can take control of our health and our own lives as we enjoy the healing sound of music and we don’t need any scientist to study anything about music and I know it is evidenced-based because I had nerve pain so bad I could not sleep at night but music has helped me increasingly a lot to manage better than ever.

Music is the heart of our soul.  In music one must think with the heart and feel with the brain.

Music is manna for the soul, and nectar for the spirit. It can certainly cross all barriers, languages, politics, sexual orientation, race, creed and religion.

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