Kneading Something Special by Valerie Cheers Brown

We will design the Design by Val Go Green Backpack especially for protecting the lumbar region to avoid possible future back and spine issues or problems!

Exploration or many research studies have demonstrated that forwardhead stance, adjusted shoulders, and step unevenness increment when those who carry or wear backpacks that are more than 15 percent of their body weight.

These postural deviations have a tendency to be more noteworthy in kids and preadolescent. Improper backpack use can likewise prompt the improvement of terrible postural propensities amid youth that can proceed for a lifetime.

For these reasons, it’s vital to choose a backpack carefully and to instruct your youngster to wear it legitimately proper.

The .Design by Val Go Green backpack will not only be good for carrying but say for example, you need to change a lightbulb up high this backpack with the neck protector can be to wear then as well. Also, the backpack can be used and worn when sitting for long lengths of times at a desk and also can be worn while sitting in seat on airplane, car, etc.

What is going to make this backpack extra special is the full body Kneading Shiatsu body massager, yes and will be removable to be used anywhere you like!

Take a look at what and how you can remove the Kneading Shiatsu body massage and use on this video:


NecProtect straps on like a backpack and supports your neck. Wish I'd had one when changing my ceiling light fitting - had a stiff neck for days.

Be looking for the Design by Val Go Green backpack coming soon! We are busy working on getting the protocol established and with God’s blessings it will be done!

One thought on “Kneading Something Special by Valerie Cheers Brown

  1. All I know is that I will never give up! The Design by Val Go Green backpack idea is a sure winner, which I know will take some precision in developing the protocol, but I know that this backpack will be used by millions all over the world for insuring better well-being! There will need to be partnering with the Shiatsu manufacturers finding the best way to not make the bag not be too expensive to make, but overall this bag will be worth paying a good price for!


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