The Music Band-Aid by Valerie Cheers Brown

“What if we had a BAND which could AID with getting rid of pain with a finger push which would disperse music throughout our bodies and agitates nerve pain so much that it would want to dance throughout our own bodies and dosey-doe right out to not another partner called RELIEF? ”The Thimble Bioelectronics TENS patch is a wearable pain relief gadget that manages and tracks pain.:

I am finding music to be effective for helping with pain, the rest is up to us on how we manage our own pain.

If there could be something like a bioelectric bandaid that one could wear where we push it when we need to sleep and it would relieve the nerves of any pain and we would not hear it, but the pain would hear it this vibrating music. This could be used a band-aid which would be worn when going to sleep since this is when the pain aggravates and starts to worsen.

I am using myself as a study and as I listen, I can feel the music beats the pain and makes it disappear!

I pray that one day something like this is invented which would help with managing pain, not necessarily get rid immediately but over a period of time, the body would be relieved and would get use to the feeling of relieved nerve pain.

All we can do is try to see what happens.

Maybe we could study this idea with The Thimble Bioelectronics TENS patch which is a wearable pain relief gadget that manages and tracks pain manufacturer?
According to Japanese Pub Med Abstract, “Actual effectiveness of nerve block against neuropathic pain

“Evidence regarding the effectiveness of nerve block in treating neuropathic pain is scarce. However, in actual clinical situations, nerve block has been used as a treatment in combination with other methods, such as pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, and physiotherapy. The goal of neuropathic pain treatment is not a complete recovery but some improvement in the activities of daily living (ADL) as well as the quality of life. There is no single effective, definitive treatment for the various causes of neuropathic pain; therefore, the active use of nerve block should be considered in patients who show a positive response to this treatment. This is because nerve block reduces pain and improves the patients’ ADL. Nerve block also has the potential to be effective as an early treatment of and prophylaxis for neuropathic pain. Therefore, the use of nerve block should be considered from the onset of pain. In recent years, methods such as ultrasound-guided nerve block and thermocoagulation with pulsed radio frequency have become more commonly used as safer and more accurate nerve block techniques. This article discusses the current clinical status of nerve block against neuropathic pain.” Nishiyama T, Ohseto K. Brain Nerve. 2012 Nov;64(11):1299-306. Review. Japanese.

According to a new study, “143 people listened to music while they received a painful shock in their fingertip. Participants were asked to follow the melodies, and identify unusual tones in an effort to take their mind off the pain.”

It appeared to work. Members’ agony or pain diminished as they turned out to be more caught up in the tunes. The individuals who were the most on edge procured the most torment calming advantages when they got to be occupied with the music.

“Our outcomes recommend that connecting with exercises like music listening may be best to reduce torment in high-nervousness persons who can undoubtedly get to be caught up in exercises,” close scientists drove by David H. Bradshaw, PhD, from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

The study did not take a gander at diverse sorts of music and whether relieving music worked best. Bradshaw says the kind of music isn’t as imperative as how well it holds the understanding’s advantage.

I have noticed myself and it does allow you to focus on the music more than the pain itself, but when taken headsets off can go back to the pain.

Music, also if allowed gives you this sense of creativity and a sudden urge to do anything but think about pain.

In my case it motivates my writing abilities and am getting better as time progresses.

There has got to be a method to our pain madness and I do believe that music works in this world!


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