Soul Train The Vision Stays Alive by Valerie J Brown

No matter what anybody says or does..nobody can ever replace what this great man started and he began something which our world needs to greatly recognize, and that is that there is only one race, and that is the human race.
Not only did be break barriers, but he exposed many blessed individuals who may or may not even knew that they had talent, but he saw something and wanted the world to see both then and now. He was truly a man with a vision who saw great things coming from his vision.
We love this incredible man so much and he is the Black American Idol if you ask me, but what really struck my heart with Mr. Cornelius is how he opened doors for many avenues that still need addressing right now today.
We as people of all colors need to stop blaming others and be grateful for who we are right now, today and take what God has given to us, use to our best abilities and be happy for yourself and mainly for others. This great man and many other great legends have set and paved the way for us and all we have to do is to run away with it and make history for ourselves and share with our children.
Don Cornelius will never be forgotten and we love him and are so proud to be here on Facebook expressing just what and how he instilled into each and every age, race, gender’s heart! If you ask anybody about Soul Train, they will say that they watched the show mostly everybody! What he did we really need to take what he gave to us and keep exactly what he did and that is the message he instilled into us and that is to stop making it seem that something is wrong with you if you are different. You are beautiful when you are ‘not normal’ and those beautiful differences are what made that show so extra special.
Mr. Cornelius showed us that God gave us all talents and what they are, we may not even know, but others can see things which we may not see and we are so talented in our own special ways, all of us and he allowed just that on that show for the world to see for sure for then and for now! Can you imagine what that great man did for each and every entertainer, dancer, singer, artist, musician, etc. that was given an opportunity to be on that show! You are legends for certain and it is because of his great vision! We need more people with visions for all and I say thank you!
For a person to have visions like that where he saw what these beautiful talents were each special and he allowed them to be on that show! Wow…u had to be special and very proud right now today too! We owe this great man a great deal rather than just rest in peace. We owe him to keep his dream alive for many more generations to come about what peace and love and soul means for all mankind!
This is what made Soul Train so spectacular and what he did is still able to be seen right now today! We really did not pay attention to how that great man-made a difference for many who are taking what he gave to them and running away with right now! One person that comes to mind immediately is Ms. Jennifer Lopez, and my girl Rosie Perez, two different cultures which were treated so unfairly for so long, especially women and they are incredible and strong-willed woman who with his help have broken barriers when nobody thought they would be broken. Wow, what a great vision that man saw and he knew what would help! I love you Don Cornelius and always will live up to what you stood for.
So…I say let’s keep Don Cornelius legacy alive and the many singers, musicians, artists, dancers, poets, etc, alive and let’s share and keep alive what Mr. Cornelius put great emphasis on and that was “Peace, Love and Soul” amongst us all.
Rest in peace Mr. Don Cornelius and thank you and you will never be forgotten and we will make sure of that!

Love, peace and soul.~ Don Cornelius ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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