Fast Food vs Disposable Diapers

I guess one would ask why anybody would compare fast food to a disposable diaper?

We as Americans want everything fast don’t we?

Fast foods vs cloth diapers and fast foods are a quick fix just like a disposable diaper is quick fix for changing a baby where we can just throw it away when after they use it or poop in it!

That is funny fast foods vs cloth diapers when you think about it?

Have you ever thought how it feels to have a disposable diaper on? Well, try adult diapers and see if you like them.  I tried and did not like the feeling not one bit.

Yes, they even make them for adults. I will agree that when patient is sick and bedridden it is easy to take off, but there is a way to change a bed with a patient in and clean them up also and give them some loving care while we are at it.

There is nothing like a nice hot bath given by somebody else when you are sick and completely unable to do.

I knew how my mom and dad were when alive and when they got sick, I got strength but from nobody but God and was able to bath them both with patience, love and tenderness. I never ever thought I would be able to bath my dad, but God gives you this strength and it feels like a calling for this particular time when most needed!

How would you like to wear a disposable pair of underwear made of what disposable diapers are made of?

They are not the same as the feel of a cloth pair of underwear or a cloth diaper for a baby is not the same feel for a baby’s bottom.  We just want everything so fast, that we forget why we are really using what we use when we use it.

It is all about our own convenience and do we stop ever to realize what we are doing to ourselves and most importantly to our children’s lives and health or well-being?

We complain about not getting time off after we have our babies in this country, but why and what would we really need the time off for, (not saying we don’t deserve in this country) even though it would be very nice for us be paid too.

But what would we really do for our babies which would be why we would have the time off?

Would we need time off to wash diapers, would we need time off to fold diapers, or would we need time off for our own conveniences?  Would we need to do any of these things which mother’s who have time off would ordinarily be doing say back in the 1950’s or even like the mother’s do in Switzerland or the UK?

Have we Americans often thought why we as Americans are so far behind when it comes to many aspects of our life mainly our health and well-being? Do we even bother researching and going and travelling to other countries and finding out for ourselves how they live to be in their hundreds or how they do what they and maintain good well-being?

Why in this country are we really good for telling society what is not good for us all of the time, rather than showing us what is good by healing and providing encouraging messages inspiring others that there is life after being sick and that if you believe in healing you can be healed?

America, being the leader and one of the richest countries are we really showing our children love or setting good or bad examples?

In America why do all we care about is money and not human lives?

If we don’t care about babies, how will we care about all lives and if we don’t care about all lives, how do we care about all God’s creatures?

We want everything fast! For example, baby’s disposable diapers, some of us mainly use them because we don’t have to wash them and can just throw them away.  We fail to realize that while we think we are saving time, we are adding time to us taking care of our babies when they get rashes or allergies begin to occurring.

Have you noticed how so many babies who become adolescents suffer with allergy problems more these days?

I am not saying this is what is causing the problem but just a theory.  Do we think about what we are really doing to our babies bottoms especially as they grow up and become adolescents, teenagers and then adults?  There are dyes in some disposable diapers, especially the ones with the pretty colors or designs. Yes, I know there are some disposable diapers who advertise that they are dye free, but are they really?

Have you ever just watched after your baby urine how and what color the diaper changes to? Have you ever noticed dye running blending in with the baby urine and could this be causing problems for our babies? Or even better than that, have you ever just took a disposable diaper and sat into water to see if the water changes color?

There are many studies and reputable sources including government websites and medical and science journals such as: the EPA, The American Journal of Epidemiology, The Archives of Environmental Health, The Archives of Disease in Childhood and even the FDA, etc. and the research sources can be quite lengthy if you care to find out for yourself before buying or using disposable diapers on your baby.

I found a very interesting article where there was much research done and I also checked and read as well and it is unbelievable what disposable diapers are and can include are chemicals which can lead to a host of problems as our children get older.

We as Americans must really take a look at ourselves and do we not realize that we do and how we are treated and exposed to as babies can only get worse if we don’t do something about when it comes to our health and most importantly our well-being.

Not only do we as women have to watch what we put into our bodies before, during and while breastfeeding, but most importantly as I am studying, we need to be careful what we expose our children’s bodies too as well when it comes to the dioxins and dyes in material we purchase for are kids.

Again, I did a blog on how important babies feet are too, well the same goes for their little bottoms and that is a very important part of anybody’s body part and that is the buttock and the most important area is to be kept away from dyes especially which as we grow older could cause all kinds of problems such as yeast infections, allergy, respiratory conditions, etc.

There have also been reports (on sites all over the internet) that diapers may contain many other chemicals. I haven’t taken the time to research and confirm that these chemicals are indeed present in disposable diapers. I will leave the option of researching these chemicals up to you, the reader. If you do investigate whether or not these chemicals are in disposable diapers I would appreciate you sharing your source and findings by leaving a comment below. Some of these chemicals include: Tributyltin, Xylene, Ethylbenzene, Styrene, Propylene, Toulene, etc.

We do know that there is evidence that disposable diapers contain traces of Dioxin. Dioxin is an extremely toxic, cancer-causing chemical that is found in disposable diapers as a result (by-product) of the chlorine bleaching process.

I found another very good article at Blog Articles, Cloth Diapering and please share.

Design by Val Go Green Product’s goal is to continue doing research and finding healthy cloth green snuggly diapers for babies.  Our goal is to partner with different manufacturers of organic cotton (unbleached and dye-free) for cloth diapers. Bamboo cloth diapers are a perfect choice for living green. Bamboo fabric is lightweight, durable and resilient.

The sooner we as humans realize that anything which God grows is for our food and this means for healing our bodies, the better and the less illnesses, diseases, etc. and will become less and less in this country if we do our homework and instead of just talking about negative things which most likely, we are the cause of our own problems; we can begin to speak about how we overcame these many challenges.

In closing this blog reminds me of a quote by the motivational speaker, Mr. Les Brown that goes like this: “If you do what is easy your life will be hard.  If you do what is hard your life will be easy.”

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