Folk Medicine by Valerie Cheers Brown

“Too much sugar may be bad for the waistline, but it could help doctors heal the sick.”

Could sugar possibly be used in nursing homes for healing bedsores?

New research shows folk medicine from Africa may hold the key to treating wounds that defy modern medicine.

A study found granulated sugar poured directly into bed sores, leg ulcers and even amputations promotes healing when antibiotics and other treatments have failed.

The study was headed by Moses Murandu, a senior teacher/lecturer in an adult nursing at Wolverhampton University, who experienced childhood in Zimbabwe where his dad utilized sugar to recuperate wounds and lessen torment when he was a youngster.

Sugar draws water from the injury into a dressing – microscopic organisms needs water to survive – which permits quickens the mending process, or kick begins it where advancement has slowed down.

At the point when Mr Murandu moved to the UK he understood that sugar was not perceived as a customary prescription that had something to offer.

One of the patients getting treatment as a component of the exploration is Alan Bayliss, from Birmingham, who was being dealt with at Moseley Hall Hospital’s amputee restoration ward.

He experienced an over the knee removal on his right leg because of an ulcer at the Queen Elizabeth (QE) Hospital Birmingham in January 2013, and as a major aspect of the surgery a vein was expelled from his left leg.

For his post-surgery recovery, Mr Bayliss was moved to Moseley Hall Hospital where standard dressings were utilized however the left leg pit wound was not recuperating successfully.

Medical caretakers reached Mr Murandu and Mr Bayliss was given the sugar treatment and inside of two weeks the injury had definitely lessened in size.

To mend truly tainted injuries, a few specialists have resuscitated a 4,000-year-old treatment, conceived on the war zones of antiquated Egypt: they pack the profundities or uniqueness of tricky injuries with sweet substances like sugar.
A few American pharmaceutical concerns make costly wound pastes made out of manufactured synthetic water-absorbing beads that perform this same capacity. Restoration Began in U.S. Despite the fact that sugar dressings have few American advocates, Europeans credit the present restoration to a limited extent to the work of an American, Dr. Richard A. Knutson, an orthopedic specialist in Greenville, Miss., who distributed one of only a handful few papers on the method 10 years back.

Around 15 years prior, baffled by headstrong, discharge filled injuries loaded with microorganisms resistant to all medications, Dr. Knutson started exploring different avenues regarding sugar dressings at the proposal of a resigned medical caretaker who had worked in the Deep South before the anti-microbial period.
”When we started I thought it was absolutely nuts,” Dr. Knutson said in a recent telephone interview. ”Sugar! The first thing you think about is the old jar of marmalade in the fridge growing all that junk. You think you’ll create a perfect medium for bacterial growth. That turned out not to be the case.”

He has subsequent to utilized an ointment made of sugar, which he now blends with a mellow microbes murdering iodine fluid, on around 6,000 patients with anything from smolders to shotgun wounds. The blend is connected as a glue. ”It’s anything but difficult to utilize, effortless, reasonable, and it works,” he said, ”You can’t request more. On the off-chance that it has an extravagant name and cost $300 a jug everybody would be purchasing it.” Most European specialists use sugar alone.

So, too much sugar may be bad for the waistline, but it could help doctors heal the sick.

Did you ever think why sugar grows so abundantly?

Did we ever stop to think that just maybe anything which God grows is for healing?

According to a story “A History of Sugar – the food nobody needs, but everyone craves.”

It states that, “It appears just as no other substance possesses such a large amount of the world’s property, for so little advantage to humankind, as sugar. As per the most recent information, sugarcane is the world’s third most important harvest after oats and rice, and involves 26,942,686 hectares of area over the globe. Its primary yield – separated from business benefits – is a worldwide general wellbeing emergency, which has been hundreds of years in the making.”

So, while society expresses that too much sugar is our cause for an obesity crisis amongst our children, sugar has other beneficial uses for healing the body.

So, the next time you hear the media or news talking negatively about sugar, you may want to put a bug in their ear about the benefits of sugar and why it grows so abundantly on God’s beautiful planet earth.

Maybe we need to do more research and find out more about things which grow naturally from mother earth and what and how they can improve our world’s  well-being, health, body, mind and souls when it comes to healing.

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