Keep Them Alive by Valerie Cheers Brown

I wholeheartedly believe getting older is not about being thrown away and into a nursing home.

If we do have to put our family into a nursing home, shouldn’t we make sure they are family oriented and are there not to babysit a doped up wisdom filled adult, but for giving LOVE and helping them as much as we can with getting better.

It really upsets my soul when we think that when we forget it means you are getting older. Forgetting can happen to any of us and familiar things will help us to go back where we belong.

The arts and music is about expression and they are made to keep expression of our brains too! Funny and laughing is a wonderful therapy and our family are not supposed to just sit in a wheelchair, heads sagging down because they are so medicated with something which is not helping but hurting our family members.

When doing my clinical when I was in nursing school, God blessed me to learn just enough to be able to help my family, but I could not continue through for it depressed me seeing how the elderly were treated by both their family and society when they become older or even sick!

The most important thing I learned was the death gurgle and it allowed me to know when both of my parents were on their way out and taught me to be prepared for what was to happen next!

There is nothing more peaceful than being with your parents when they take that last breath and it feels incredible and what is more incredible is that you are there with the one who loved you so much they were there when you came into the world screaming and crying. It is a true blessing to be with your family when they take that last breath and on their way to a much better place prepared and waiting for us all eventually.  It gives a beautiful peace like none other which you have to be there to understand it and these beautiful angels wings lift up off of your shoulders and say to you, “Child now is your time to fly.”

Let’s try things and not be afraid to try new and different things and it feels so good when we help others to help others live and eventually die peacefully feeling such a fulfillment of life doing and exploring any and everything whether we like, have not ever tried, think that we don’t like kinds of feeling.

I always kept a bulletin board on my parent’s kitchen wall with familiar faces for us all to keep looking at to remember who we are by looking at our ancestors and family members and most of all not to forget and help our own minds.

I would even show these pics to my grandson and great nieces and nephews when they were young.

We can help ourselves if we keep familiar things in our presence and pictures are so important and can help bring our good memories alive!

It very important not to give up when we get older nor should we throw our family away as they get older..

We all are going to get older eventually in our lifetime and if we help others when we see them slipping or being diagnosed by a doctor of forgetting, we must get in on them right away and it can go away.

I have a testimony and it did work for my daddy!

Love is the best medicine and it cost nothing!

Please take a watch at this wonderful video. I can not save everyone in this world, but I have this peace which is so remarkable which can be shared and God directs me to things which I am here to share with you all.


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