Fragile Handle With Care by Valerie Cheers Brown

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” ― Maya Angelou
It is all about inner strength, self-confidence, self-empowerment and that inner beauty which only shines on the outside when shine on the inside.
Are are we are all fragile like Cassandra Clare, City of Fallen Angels quotes, ““Or maybe it’s just that beautiful things are so easily broken by the world.”
Should we all perhaps have a HANDLE WITH CARE sign stuck to our head or even our heart?
It is amazing how most things we think of as fragile is actually how tough they are.
Eggs are fragile but  even sometimes when dropped they don’t break especially if they are cooked.
Even when cooked they could become fragile if not handled properly.
Could we describe humans this way?
The egg holds a lot and is very strong until dropped or broken.
Hearts may break, but do we realize how strong they really are and they humanly possible and are able to pump for an entire lifetime and pump life into us seventy times a minute and barely miss a beat. Yet, when broken they become fragile!
Dreams the most delicate and intangible of things can come true if we believe in ourselves and don’t let them go, but if we don’t pursue and work hard toward them do they not become fragile or just a broken dream?
In order for a dream to come true we must work hard at making that happen don’t we?
We as humans come in all sizes, yet some of the smaller are the strongest, and do great things yet very fragile in looks on the outside but on the inside we are very strong.
The way we look is deceiving and can be taken the wrong way and we can be weak in appearance, yet strong on the inside. I guess this is why we must feel good about ourselves on the inside so that it appears on the outside.
Because a person smiles all of the time does not mean they are happy on the inside!

Some of us become sick, yet some of us don’t allow the disease to rule us; but we rule the disease and by believing in our inner conscience we are healed.

The most fragile sometimes are the most strongest.
If we are truly designed in our creators image are we fragile or even weak?
Are we as humans that fragile or did God make us strong?
Our sensitivity to our surroundings is the thing that makes us human.
” Our sensitivity to our environment is what makes us human. A wise man once said “Humans quit evolving when we quit adapting to our environment and started adapting our environment to our needs.”
The human body is actually stronger than most if not all animals. We can live at the most extreme conditions with the proper materials. We outlive almost every animal on the planet. We can fix almost any illness that affects us, and the ones we can’t we still can make the suffering minimized.
There isn’t much that can hold the average human back. So a lot of the things you think make us fragile is just mental conditioning and is so true, “What we think is what we become.”
Once you set your mind to do something, there is little to hold you back. If someone tells you that you can’t do something, it’s up to you to agree with them, or prove them wrong. I chose the latter.
Understanding our surroundings makes us stronger.
Humans can eat dirt, and raw meat, and not die. I know we did as kids and we are still here. I mean eat dirt and remember those mud pies? lol
It’s the bacteria that can be found in either that can hurt you. I don’t suggest trying either out, cause dirt doesn’t hardly ever taste good, and raw meat is chewy and not very tasty and God only knows what it has been shot with or even been fed.
The one thing that makes us the strongest is also our greatest weakness. We are only fragile in the mind, and only because having a flexible and vulnerable mind allows us to experience a mixture of very strong emotions.
We learn from the things that scare us and make us feel safe or not. Through our ability to analyze events and scenarios, we can overcome obstacles that hold most other living things back.
“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” ― Mahatma Gandhi
I certainly am all woman… strong yet still sensitive….assertive yet still caring…powerful yet still fragile….pissed yet still standing. ~ Unknown author
Fragile Handle With Care!

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