Lift and Learn by Valerie Cheers Brown

I have had this idea for a very long time in my head and have shared too with the world but it keeps coming back and this is my vision for my birth city of Saint Louis and any other city who wants to go and become sustainable and green and give our highways and byways a break!

When a child and when very young our parents took us to this place called Clarksville, Mo where we would drink the freshest running water down from the cliffs there in town and our dad’s brother and wife lived a few miles away in Louisiana, Mo. They would take us to ride on the Clarksville Skylift, and we were young but so blessed to have parents who exposed us to things like what this history had to offer. Because of being exposed to this place is a main reason I know this vision would work as public transporation where you would get to see and hear history about the topography and could get a detailed description of what we just see sometimes on a map about your city.

Here is a little history about the Clarksville Skylift: The Clarksville Sky Lift at Clarksville, MO was opened in 1962. It’s located halfway between St. Louis and Hannibal, MO. Clarksville sits right on the Mississippi River, and the sky lift goes up to the top of a huge mountain. The ride up is breathtaking. At the top, a four-story tower offered sweeping views of the river and surrounding territory. A small amusement area with a “gravity house” (similar to Grandfather’s Mansion at SDC) concessions, gift shop, and so on, was available. The sky lift was advertised heavily on St. Louis television in the 60’s and early 70’s. The skylift fell upon hard times, and closed, I think, in the mid-80’s. An effort has been underway to reopen the attraction in recent years. From what I can tell from photos on the City of Clarksville web page, the attraction was upgraded over the years, but apparently is still closed. Does anyone have memories of visiting the Clarksville Skylift? If you check the City of Clarksville website, you will see several beautiful shots of the area around the little town, the skylift, the tower, and the river.  Go to  your search engine and type in “Clarksville Skylift” and you will be able to find out more about this old attraction.

Myself and my siblings were very fortunate to have parents who involved our lives in things which now as an adult can share with others and also it helps myself believe that what the Clarksville Skylift did for fun, could also be fun and public transportation which can give a history of your city as you are riding. Their could be a GPS built-in history provider which gives history of the territories topography.

I always thought public transportation should give the public way more than just a ride and good service but should know their own history and share that knowledge as sort of tour gude for the riders and especially when tourists are visiting your town.

Heck, who doesn’t like free knowledge just like the Public Library offers us every time we visit?

Lift and Learn could also be the quickest developing innovation in moving individuals from spot to spot

The Cleveland Skylift  offers, “The fastest-growing technology in moving people from place to place. In Cleveland, they will be able to solve parking issues and increase access to waterfronts and parks.

The Cleveland :Skyift will also “amplify Cleveland’s ability to provide outstanding public transportation to its community. Public access to various waterfront amenities is currently limited and congested. SkyLift would boost accessibility and use, allowing the public to enjoy the many diverse offerings of the coast without having to worry about the logistics of getting there.”

This sort of public transportation not only will bring money and save our highways and byways from wear and tear, but will also be a whole new experience and could become a model city for others to learn like Cleveland has become!

According to the Cleveland Skylift, “You can see Cleveland from a different perspective. You’ll be cruising 150 feet up in the air getting fantastic views of Lake Erie and downtown.  Additionally, you can enhance your riding experience digitally as there will be a digital tablet device or display in every car that will leverage GPS technology to tell you a story based on where you are. As passengers travel, they will get to learn about the city, the businesses, and landmarks.”

So, to the many cities out there if we would like to do something which would really be going green and saving our highways and byways from wear and tear of tire wheels we should consider and look into. Cleveland is partnering with 7 manufacturers and they are: Leitner-Poma and Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group, two of the largest manufacturers in the world.

Ultimately, we imagine a combination of both public and private funding and are working with the best minds in Cleveland to figure this out.

Let’s begin to become a drive free country and leave the driving to the Skylift and sit back, enjoy the ride, soak in the fresh air of being way up in the air, which is so good for the soul and mind and allows you get this inner peace before reaching your destination from just breathing and enjoy life’s pleasures of free air!

In closing, “The Cleveland SkyLift is an aerial cable car system that will connect you with their lakefront and parks, while providing a cutting-edge digital experience that will change the way you enjoy our city.”

“Wouldn’t it be nice to make this a future project for your city?”

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