All That Matters Is…..Now by Valerie Cheers Brown

What is most important that we remember is,  “All That Matters Is…Now!”

What really matters to me?

Is this selfish that all that matters is now?

If someone were to ask you what matters right now? What would you say?

A few months back I would have probably said, “material things, inner peace, friends and family, etc.

However, no, not any more. For the NOW I trust that really what outrageously matters is the significance of NOW, the unbounded force of present. Presently is the way to every single other fulfillment – material and unimportant.

Do we ever prepare just in case we don’t get to see our loved ones and let them know just how much you love them?

Do we even say something we wanted to say, but never get or got the chance to say it before it was too late to our loved ones and then say “I wished I had told them…….?

If you Google the question, “How to start with the now?” It is interesting what you find.

I love the quote by George Harrison, “It’s being here now that’s important. There’s no past and there’s no future. Time is a very misleading thing.  All there is ever, is the now.  We can gain experience from the past, but we can’t relive it and we can hope for the future, but we don’t know if there is one.”

Why do we hold onto tomorrow and isn’t tomorrow the same as the future?

What about our past and just how important is it? I realize that we don’t have a past nor a future but what we can only depend on is the NOW.

The auxiliary I belong to Sister’s of Mercy were going to visit a sick church family member and this member’s family told us, “Please wait until the Spring to visit her.”

“Will any of us be here in the Spring or was this the family’s way in telling us they did not want to bothered,” I thought?

This statement bewildered myself and made me realize even more how important right NOW truly is and only NOW is all that truly matters.

Life is just like George Harrison says in his quote, “There’s no past and there’s no future. Time is a very misleading thing.”

We think there is a tomorrow when most important is now and wow….It is often misleading for us to think such a thing, that there will even be a tomorrow.

Can you imagine what and how many people in Paris must feel right now losing their loved ones?

We look forward to tomorrow of course, and that is only human nature, but right now is all that matters!

There is this beautiful poem I listen to daily and would like to share with you which makes me realize how important today or right now is, which we all DO take for granted!

It also shows how important it is express your love for your family and loved ones each and everyday that you love them right NOW.

I most of all love this poem because it could go for a faraway love as well as a reading of the passing of a loved one.

This poem is called “If Tomorrow Starts Without Me…… Possibly” by David Romano and the other same poem but “When Tomorrow Starts Without Me…..Possibly.

‘If’ is a conjunction and the definition according to Merriam Webster:

—used to talk about the result or effect of something that may happen or be true

—used to discuss the imaginary result or effect of something that did not happen or that is or was not true

—used to say that something must happen before another thing can happen

Amazing how one word can truly make a difference isn’t it?

‘When’ is an adverb and mean according to Merriam Webster:

: at what time

: at, in, or during which

: at or during which time

If/When tomorrow starts without me,
And I’m not there to see,
If the sun should rise and find your eyes
all filled with tears for me,

I wish so much you wouldn’t cry
The way you did today,
While thinking of the many things,
We didn’t get to say.

I know how much you love me,
As much as I love you,
and each time that you think of me,
I know you’ll miss me too.

But when tomorrow starts without me,
Please try to understand,
That an angel came and called my name,
And took me by the hand,

and said my place was ready,
In heaven far above,
And that I’d have to leave behind
All those I dearly love.

But as I turned to walk away,
A tear fell from my eye
For all my life, I’d always thought,
I didn’t want to die.

I had so much to live for,
So much left yet to do,
It seemed almost impossible,
That I was leaving you.

I thought of all the yesterdays
The good ones and the bad,
I thought of all the love we shared,
and all the fun we had

If I could re-live yesterday
Just even for a while,
I’d say good-bye and kiss you
And maybe see you smile.

But then I fully realized,
That this could never be,
For emptiness and memories,
would take the place of me.

And when I thought of worldly things,
I might miss come tomorrow,
I thought of you, and when I did,
My heart was filled with sorrow.

But when I walked through heaven’s gates,
I felt so much at home
When God looked down and smiled at me,
From His great golden throne.

He said, “This is eternity,
And all I’ve promised you.”
Today your life on earth is past,
But here life starts anew

I promise no tomorrow,
But today will always last,
And since each day’s the same
There’s no longing for the past.

You have been so faithful,
So trusting and so true.
Though there were times you did some things
You knew you shouldn’t do.

But you have been forgiven
And now at last you’re free.
So won’t you come and take my hand
And share my life with me?

So when tomorrow starts without me,
Don’t think we’re far apart,
For every time you think of me,
I’m right here, in your heart.

‘We people have huge trouble in concentrating on the present; we’re continually considering what we did, about how we could have improved, about the outcomes of our activities, and regarding why we didn’t go about as we ought to have. On the other hand else we consider the future, about what we’re going to do tomorrow, what insurances we ought to take, what we think anticipates us around the following corner, how to dodge what we don’t need and how to get what we have constantly longed for.”

The past is already gone, the future is not yet here. There’s only one moment for you to live, and that is the present moment.’

How simple and yet profound this thought is. And this too has played a significant role in molding me into a new me, one who is more punctual and does not dilly-dally about the tasks at hand. A new me who knows that all that matters is now, the present and what I leave for the future and did for a better future for others!


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