Everything Happens For Growth by Valerie Cheers Brown

Did you know that trees can help with healing?
Do you know how important seeds are?
Did you know that trees can help with violence in our world? (see site below)
Did you know that trees let us know a new season is about to begin before it begins and the month means nothing, but God’s tree signs help us to know?
We just need to learn and pay more attention to all of God’s creation, and He did not create them just for then, but also for now for us to be reminded just who He is and that He still lives.
Did you know that trees combat climate change?
Did you know that trees clean the air?
Did you know that trees create oxygen?
Did you know that trees cool the city and the streets?
Did you know that trees are teachers and playmates? (did you ever have a treehouse or did you ever have a swing from a tree?)
Did you know that trees bring diverse of people together?
Did you know that trees block things?
Did you know that trees do so much for our world at large to help us and not hurt us?
I am sure everyone has heard the saying, “Everything happens for a reason.”
Well, when it comes to the redwood trees which are the biggest life form the world has ever managed. They are big to the point that when you resist one, embrace it (do it!) and turn upward, it shut out the sky.
Did you know that the seed of a redwood tree does not grow effortlessly?
It needs a blend of particular conditions. All of what you would expect: supplement rich soil, and water, and would you believe FIRE?
Be that as it may, here is the amazing thing: a redwood seed can’t sprout without flame or fire!
It works pretty much like this: nature verifies that eventually, fire clears through a woodland. Redwood trees have a tendency to survive it on the grounds that their thick, damp, textured bark is rich in tannins, which are smolder safe and ensure the redwood’s enrichment for growth.
Pretty interesting, isn’t it?
The flame clears the space (by blazing everything around the redwood), permitting daylight to achieve the seed. Everything the flame smoldered swings to an ashy mulch, which gives supplements to the dirt.
Wow, how amazing!
Furthermore, now, for the Pièce de résistance: The very life of the shoot, its warmth, airs out the generally impervious shell of the seed.
And there you have it: previously dormant, this seed is free to become what it was meant to.
According to “Coast Redwood Ecology and Management,” The tale of fire or flame in coast redwood is dissimilar to that of most other western backwoods. The mildew covered, foggy and sticky environment of the redwood coast doesn’t appear to be especially fire inclined. Lightning ignitions are moderately uncommon and most chronicled flames, whether visit or not, are thought to have been begun by individuals. In view of these human and atmosphere elements, we have since a long time ago attempted to comprehend fire in coast redwood. More… http://www.redwood.forestthreats.org/native.htm
Is fire common? Is fire a worry? Is fire helpful? These three petulant questions encompass coast redwood fire research and administration toward the start of the 21st century.
Have you ever visited a redwood tree grove? It is, in my opinion, would have to be the most beautiful place of worship in the world. It looks so vast and peaceful, a thousand times more powerful than the most impressive man-made churches or cathedrals (with my respectful apologies to churches or cathedrals).
Don’t you ever wonder why sometimes man destroys trees which are one of the healthiest plants to live around, live in, and have in our homes; and they are also what help us to breath better and hotels for God’s animals and now for humans too?
Take a look at the 22 Benefits of Trees and see for yourself. It is time for we as humans to take our own lives into our own hands and speak up, speak out and be heard on what is the most important to all of us! That being our well-being and our HEALTH.
Here are 22 of the best reasons to plant and care for trees or defend a tree’s standing: