Good Water Heals The Body by V. Cheers Brown

Water is the solvent that transports many essential molecules and other particles around the body. These include nutrients and waste products from the body’s metabolic processes. Particles such as some ions and molecules need to be able to move around biological organisms. – Ivy rose Holistic
I have found that by putting good into the body such as alkaline water, it alerts you immediately when putting anything bad into.
Once you begin to put good into the body, my appetite changed and I don’t want what I use to think I want to eat like fast foods. I will still occasionally eat out and get fast food but I pay 4 it and down the alkaline water to repair what I did to my own body!  My body sings a song to let me know it is not good 4 I and it does even when I eat, drink or even around something toxic!
You almost get sick immediately and to me, this is a red light alerting me! I often say that this is God’s healing foods cussing at my body telling me don’t go backwards but being the researcher I am I keep track of these things which may help me down the road and 4 myself and maybe even others to learn from one day when I put into a book but 4 now I will blog!
I have also found that when changed over to alkaline water that my body fasts on its on and does not require as much as it used to.
I am also finding myself snacking on vegetables and fruits a lot and sometimes I make a big bowl of vegetables as if it were soup!
I must say I still do like snacks, but I ration myself and not eat a whole lot!
I found this article:  The Health Benefits of Water Fasting By Stephen Harrod Buhner Copyright © 2003 Stephen Harrod Buhner and hope you find it useful too:
It hits home and speaks exactly what good water does 4 the body and how it fasts and heals on its own if we allow it to.
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