Who God Intended Me To Be by Valerie Cheers Brown

Pain is pain.  Broken is broken. FEAR is the biggest disability of all and will paralyze you more than being in a wheelchair.  – Nick Vujicic

I thought about doing a story book about a little girl who found that even with the disability of not being able to walk that when she was in water, she  could move just like everybody else and I will do this one day soon.

But in the meantime, I say this to mean that having a disability does not mean you cannot make a difference and give HOPE to others and that anything can be done by anyone who BELIEVES.

I often follow others who have disabilities in life like myself who pursued their passions and it gives me much hope that I can change my life also by being given this beautiful gift of being  born different.

Even with having a ‘Stumbling Block’ makes myself and these which I will enlighten you with who I follow quite a lot and love being encouraged of their successes and that though they have this ‘Stumbling Block’ and they did not let it define them at all!

With HOPE know that anything is possible when you BELIEVE your purpose which God gave only to you.

Though many more heroes this is just a few who let nothing stop them from becoming who God intended them to be and who honestly inspire me to work had and become who God intended me to be:

  • Steven Hawking  had ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and he is an English theoretical physicist  who is a notable superstar in scholastics and beneficiary of various thanks: Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Presidential Medal of Freedom and lifetime individual from the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.
  •  Helen Keller was born blind and deaf and also a  teacher and activist who was the first ever to win Bachelors in Arts. She was additionally a political extremist and a commended creator in America. She was one of the main delivers establishing American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).
  • Christy Brown was born with cerebral palsy and was a famous author, painter and poet who  until the age of 5, he couldn’t react all alone will. Simply after that, his left foot was responsive instead of the entire body. He is a big name creator for his collection of memoirs ‘My Left Foot’.
  • Demosthenes stammered when he spoke and he was an orator who was a standout amongst the most powerful and persuasive speakers ever. At a young age of 11, he attempted to submit suicide; be that as it may, he survived. He used to sit by the shoreline for a considerable length of time, with stones in his mouth. In the end, he happened to the most respected speakers ever.
  • Vincent van Gogh suffered with mental illness and was a famous and renown painter of all time who was most admired  and amongst the most appreciated and persuasive painters to have strolled the substance of the Earth. He endured misery and was hospitalized. Despite the fact that he killed himself, his compositions stayed as one of the brilliant specialties ever.
  • Beethoven was deaf and was an incredibly amazing compose of all time and I love him so much because his music even today is so soothing and good 4 babies. Regardless of being hard of hearing, Beethoven ended up being one of the greatest arrangers ever. He was guided by Mozart and concentrated Piano. He was popular for his splendid and questionable act of spontaneities.
  • Frida Kahlo had polio and was a professional painter and in spite of her physical incapacity, she was a standout amongst the most commended painters in all of Mexico. Her depiction generally incorporates self-representations, arranged and fabrication of creative ability.
  • Marla Runyan had Stargardt’s disease  which I had not even heard of until I followed her astonishing achievements and would you believe she was a professional runner and she developed Stargardt’s Disease at 9 years old. This left her blinded for whatever remains of her life. Be that as it may, she took the stick of valor and developed out as a national champion 3 times in ladies’ 5000-meters race. She won awards and honors at different national and global wearing occasions.
  • Stevie Wonder who was blind and is a Hall of Famer world renown artist, singer, musician, and actor and who doesn’t know who this incredible and amazing human being is?
  • Tanni Grey-Thompson has Spina Bifida and is a wheelchair racer.

The stories of the above identities demonstrate just a single critical actuality – it takes more than bravery to confront the afflictions to win over and be triumphant. Makes me realize if they can do it, so can I!