What if Trials of This Life are God’s Mercies in Disguise? – Valerie Cheers Brown

August 12, 2016

For those of you who may be wondering how my student loans were entirely paid off, first off it is was nothing but God. But, I have been writing and writing and sharing my story about my being born with a degenerative disease and how the doctors x-rays passed on radiation exposure to my mom while she was carrying me in the womb. Anybody who has unpaid student loans and was born with a disability due to man’s mistake from birth are eligible!.

I have been in college for so long, but college may be for some people who want to graduate but and I wasn’t one of them who wanted a degree and it just wasn’t in the picture.  God was in the picture and He led me to where I am at the present NOW! I honestly think God had me going and doing everything up to now to be where I am and doing what I am doing right now and that is changing my life by working hard for a new and improved life where I will own my own company, with a team, stakeholders and vendors who will be with me all the way and I feel them working with me as we speak! So, the journey began in 1973 which is when I went back to college, less than a year after I had my daughter, and use to take her with me in her bumperseat to lectures and as long as she was with me you did not even know she was there!  I have still have no diploma or degree as they call them and was not part of the plan, but I do have my G.O.D. I have been taking care of people and doing what others thought was best for me all of my life even when a kid when my dad told the Olympics people I could not go way to train for even though I was born with scoliosis. But, I take from this that if I was good enough as a child, I am so much better as an adult.

I have always been full of questions and this is why I began to write like my Mom told me to do and she knew what my passion was even though at the time, I did not think I did? You just have to ask lots of questions, do lots of homework and research for yourself. Before my mom passed and she suffered with MS and as long as I can remember most of her life in pain. I do believe that the radation exposure hurt her too and progressed her MS as well, but don’t quote me. MS is an autoimmune disease and much of those diseases were caused due to radiation exposure according to Dr. Alice Stewart.

My mom told me before she died, “Promise me you will put your story into words because they owe you!” I had no idea what she was talking but staying close to God, he began showing me things and I followed up on them and now the Education Planning and Financing/U.S Department of Education has officially paid them off and in 120 days will have a zero balance. Thank You Lord!

God is so good to me and we may not understand what or why our parents do what they do when we are young, but our parents love us and have our best interests in their heart. I had the best parents ever and even when my dad would not let me train for the Olympics which I was pretty mad then, now I realize that if I was good enough then, I am even better now at age 62!

If you want more information you must; like I said, do your homework and if you were born with an autoimmune deficiency disease and have outstanding student loans, you are preapproved and these diseases may consist of such as:: Lupus, Sickle cell anemia, Cancer, Scoliosis, MS, etc.

P.S. I know the State would have had to pay me lots of money because I have been trying for disability forever and my mom use to tell me to apply and I would get, but something kept working and when I worked I felt no pain and when I felt no pain, I was getting better and in order for me to help another, I had to be better first! God had me and I know it is the reason He had me there helping to take care of my mother and put through that test of watching her go through what she went through which helped me to be more determined and stronger. It also made me now want to deteriorate like that and by my mom listening to everybody else but God it was what it was.  When I took care of my mom that taught me that God had something so way bigger for me but I had to help mom first and then help myself, like my mom told me to do, but she didn’t, and now I can help others with my story. My God is a good God and He never leaves us no matter what happens in our lives then, now, forever! They would have owed me perhaps millions, but God has something way bigger for me! Amen

Oh, by the way I have only been on disability for almost three years and I thank God and the Government, but although I waited a long time, God had me to get it just long enough to not to want to be on for life. So, now I so humbly working my way off of disability and I deserve something so way much bigger than being paid $933.00 a month to live off of for the duration of my life so I had to make something happen and work my ass off like I really want this change in my life to happen for me and my family. God has a plan and I am part of it, so I work and I work and I work effortlessly doing things I love doing 24/7 and never stop, but sometimes I come up for air! 😉 lol I am getting myself out of poverty level and you can take that to the bank!

If it kills me I will go down being known as that girl who worked like a crazy person in love with what she does toward getting herself out of poverty and you can take that to the bank! Amen and I am not going to sit around and wait on that income, which I am very blessed for right now, for the rest of my life. I want to see the world and not have to worry how I will do it, so I must work like it is already mine and I claim myself, Valerie Cheers Brown, out of poverty and I claim the VICTORY as my vision! xx

 Love, peace & blessings 😉 !!!!