No Study Needed by Valerie Cheers Brown

Do you think only weak men are intimidated by well rounded, educated and intelligent women?

No study needed.

It takes a very special guy who is secure around a wise woman.

If you grew up with a wisdom full mother or grandmother who you were crazy about and couldn’t wait to leave with her when she came through the door you shouldn’t have any problems being attracted to a wisdom full woman.

Girls let pray for the day when guys smarten up and let go of their egos and support a sister instead of being intimidated by the b….H as some may call us! lol 😉

In order to understand the bright don’t you have to perhaps be brighter?

Here is a list of Masculintysofragile:

  1. We read too many books
  2. We were born too beautiful
  3. We’re too outspoken
  4. No afraid of breaking rules
  5. No matter how we assert ourselves, it is never enough

From being a woman myself damn if you do and damn if you don’t.

They want us to let them open the door for us, but when we reach over and open for them they say we don’t know how to let a man treat us good.

My grandmother always use to say, “One good deed deserves another.”

She also use to say that you can tell how a man will treat you by the way he allows you to be yourself.

Why did it take me all these years to just realize this?

Anyway, no matter whether we buy our own drinks, offer to pay for the meal, men take off in the other direction.

I have found out if a man disagrees with your vocabulary be it colorful or just black and white (being straightforward), F..K him!

Ladies we will never be paid the same as a man, treated the same as a man, promoted the same as a man, because God has so much bigger plans for us in our lives, for the world and He made us as the helpmate for the man and doesn’t man run the world?

And….doesn’t this world need help?

No study needed 😉










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