What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money by Valerie Cheers Brown

How do you get kids to read?

I believe a kid would read a comic book before they would a book.

I vision ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’s’ “What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money” being incorporated as part of the educational lesson plan curriculum in our children’s schools and parents especially need to become aware.

I honestly do believe if we Americans would learn how to make money work for us rather than us working for money we would become a better people and for a better and more prosperous country with less greed following number nine of my favorite Robert Kiyosaki quotes!

When I say this I mean all not for profit businesses from churches to schools.

Ten of my favorite Robert Kiyosaki quotes:

(1) The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.
(2) If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.
(3) When people are lame, they love to blame.
 (4) When you are young, work to learn, not to earn.
(5) The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.
(6) The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks.
(7) If you want to be rich… Don’t allow yourself the luxury of excuses.
(8) If you’ve failed, that means you’re doing something.  If you’re doing something, you have a chance.
(9) Change your focus, from making money to serving more people. Serving more people makes the money come in.
(10) Losers are people who are afraid of losing.

Time Discovers Truth by Valerie Cheers Brown

Society makes us believe everything but the cause to be the culprit

Cancer dependably always has a cause despite what may be reported. There is no such thing as unconstrained cancer without cause, and the cancer industry who claim such wonders exist are working on only promoting making money off of the lack of knowledge of the public.

I am so sick and tired of hearing cigarettes and smoking causes cancer.  Yes, by the way don’t forget the chemicals and additives added to the tobacco which does cause cancer.

“Chemicals are the sinister and little-recognized partners of radiation in changing the very nature of the world–the very nature of life.” – Rachel Carson author of ‘Silent Spring’

Who would believe that a disease would become an industry where individuals actually make a profit by people’s little or no knowledge about how cancer is actually caused?  When we find the cause we find the cure and we are on a mission to end childhood cancer and disease leading to the disability rate lowering rather than getting higher!

According to (NaturalNews) “You’ve been shown a wide range of lies about growth by the “malignancy profiteers” – the foundations, tumor specialists, oncology focuses and chemotherapy medicate producers who benefit from disease.”

So as to keep their benefits streaming, they need to keep you out of the loop about cancer truths: How it starts, how it can be averted and how it can even be turned around!

If you or a friend or family member have been determined to have cancer (or even speculate you may have cancer tumor), it’s pivotal to figure out how the revenue driven cancer industry has been misleading you. Keep in mind, cancer specialists like the criminal oncologist Dr. Farid Fata dishonestly determined individuals to have growth to profit off “treating” them with savage chemicals known as “chemotherapy.” Dr. Fata, who worked out of a best in class disease focus in Detroit, is presently a sentenced criminal.

In any case, there are more hoodlums working inside the malignancy business: Oncologists, disease specialists, bosom tumor pros and mammography extortionists. They will probably startle you with a false positive analysis, then persuade you to experience surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatment that you don’t require!

To maintain a strategic distance from all that and possibly spare your own particular life, learn and recall these main 20 greatest cancer lies you’ve been mentally programmed to accept.

What’s more, when you’re prepared for a much more noteworthy measurement of reality about cancer. It is time to have an open mind and do your own homework and research and together we can begin to end childhood cancer!

There is a cause for cancer

There are a large number of cures for cancer that as of now exist in the characteristic world and are being utilized each day all over the planet, outside the controlled restraining infrastructures of pharmaceutical solution and harmful chemotherapy. Your body definitely knows how to cure growth! It simply needs the assets (and shirking of dangerous chemicals) to finish it.

Cancer does not kill the cure does

Chemotherapy is a sort of “concoction mass bombarding” way to deal with boorish pharmaceutical that toxic substances the whole body. The quantifiable shrinkage of disease tumors isn’t a “treatment” for growth by any means. Unless the growth tumor undeveloped cells are expelled or obliterated, the tumor just becomes back. What’s more, once the body is harmed by chemotherapy, its invulnerable reaction to disease is for all time traded off, which is the reason tumor tends to return in various organs inside 12-24 months after a man experiences chemotherapy.

Learn the real story on cancer cures, cancer prevention and cancer industry fraud in The Truth About Cancer docu-series.

Chemicals in personal care products cause cancer

Popular personal care products are absolutely loaded with cancer-causing chemicals, including hormone disruptors, known carcinogens and fragrance chemicals that promote mutagenesis. Nearly all popular laundry detergents and fabric softeners are little more than cancer-causing cocktails of dangerous chemicals marketed in happy-looking boxes.

Pesticides and herbicides cause cancer

As per ‘Silent Spring’s’ Rachel Carson depicted how DDT entered the natural way of life and amassed in the fatty tissues of creatures, including people, and brought about disease and hereditary harm. A solitary application on a yield, she composed, killed creepy crawlies for a considerable length of time and months—the focused on bugs as well as incalculable more—and stayed lethal in nature even after it was weakened by water. Carson inferred that DDT and different pesticides had unalterably hurt creatures and had defiled the world’s nourishment supply.

Silent Spring is an environmental science book by Rachel Carson. The book was published on 27 September 1962 and it documented the detrimental effects on the environment of the indiscriminate use of pesticides. Wikipedia

Society makes you believe you are destined to have cancer and it comes from the genes which is the biggest lie ever!

There’s nothing in your the genes that projects you to have cancer. Your hereditary code is really a diagram for flawless wellbeing. In any case, when your body’s cells are showered in harmful, cancer and disease creating chemicals found in nourishment, being over x-rayed, and individual care items, it causes great qualities to turn awful (through mutations), prompting to cancer. You have surprising control over your exposure to (or avoidance of) cancer causing chemicals.  If you change eating habits, make sure the water you drink is safe and not containing acidity your body will heal itself.  I got a testimony about God will do when you believe and have faith in His healing powers and foods!

Cancer industry does not want to make cancer go away

Cancer doctors win colossal benefits on chemotherapy, surgery and radiation medications. It is to their greatest advantage that you have repeating cancer, making rehash business for them. In the event that they helped you wipe out cancer, they would lose your business and miss out on all the cash they can make off your disease!

Mammograms are another form of the cancer money making business industry and they don’t care about us

Mammograms discharge ionizing radiation that causes disease and cancer. The more mammograms you get, the more like you are to in the end be determined to have cancer… brought on by the mammography! Furthermore, there are such a variety of false encouraging points in mammography that measurements indicate mammograms at last damage and/or harm 10 ladies for each 1 lady they may offer assistance.

Shouldn’t drug companies or even the cancer foundations, i.e. Komen, etc. have found a cure by now with all of the technology we have in this country and all of the money they have raised over the years?

The Pharmaceutical Industry’s need to continue depending on cancer for benefits and profits and they have no concern nor interest at all in disposing of their income stream by getting rid of cancer. To do as such would be money related suicide. The degenerate, exploitative Komen gathering is a front for the cancer business. It rounds up cash from gifts and uses the majority of it to run mammography facilities in poor, inward city neighborhoods where individuals can be determined to have cancer and swung over to chemotherapy medicines for wiped out benefits. Komen for the Cure is running a restorative racket and has zero enthusiasm for curing cancer. It’s a similar racket we’ve been guaranteed since the 1960s: If we simply had a couple of more billion dollars in subsidizing, we’d discover a cure which is a vicious cycle never ending it seems.

Discover the truth about cancer that “they” don’t want you to know! Click here to register for the Truth About Cancer Summit, and watch dozens of top interviews for FREE.

Bottom Line

At last, the “immense lie” of the cancer business is that it needs to make itself out of date by settling or solving cancer. This lie is predicated on the ridiculous premise that each cancer master or expert, cancer doctor, cancer non-profit, cancer research facility and cancer pharmaceutical organization or industry needs to bankrupt itself by wiping out cancer until the end of time. Any smart individual realizes that individuals who are saturated with the benefit of cancer will never surrender those benefits, regardless of the possibility that it implies ensuring individuals remain wiped out and unhealthy. (You’re enduring is no worry to them. They require benefits!)  Bottom line is they don’t intend on wiping out cancer only people putting more money into their pockets only.

It’s an ideal opportunity to quit permitting the degenerated canver industry to utilize your body as their benefit cancer. Figure out how to counteract and even invert cancer utilizing non-poisonous techniques by researching, asking questions, using God’s food as healing so the body can heal itself.

Take a listen to The Truth About Cancer Summit and let’s work together as a great country using common sense.  It is time to end childhood cancer!

What causes cancer?
In most cases, the exact cause of cancer is not known is told to us which is not true.
Go to page 3 of cdc_gyn_comprehensive brochure!
Print out this brochure!
How can anybody give something so deadly to pregnant women and to think that they hurt not only the mother but the unborn fetus is unbelievable to me?  Are you a DES Daughter or Son?

“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.” – Dr. Otto Warburg



Asserting radiation to be “hazardous at any measurement,” Alice Stewart, MD epidemiologist, discovered low-level radiation doses was far more serious than most scientists. She went up against the foundation by testing its long-held confidence in the “straight speculation.” The last mentioned, as its title infers, is a problematic yet logically acknowledged hypothesis expressing that radiation harm to tissue is specifically corresponding to the size of the dosage received.

Cover Image

British epidemiologist Stewart has been issuing warnings about the serious health threats associated with low doses of radiation for 40 years. Her investigation began in 1956, when she traced childhood cancers to prenatal X-rays. That discovery led to her even more controversial findings regarding nuclear workers and the inaccuracies of the so-called A-bomb data used to calculate safe radiation dosages. Greene calls her riveting portrait a “collaborative memoir,” and, indeed, Stewart’s voice is heard almost as frequently as her biographer’s as she recounts her unusual life with verve and humor. Greene enthusiastically chronicles Stewart’s fascinating family history (her mother was one of England’s first women doctors) and demanding private life, and perspicaciously examines the “visions and doggedness” that characterized Stewart’s pioneering and invaluable work. Now in her nineties, Stewart combated sexism throughout her career and conducted her labor-intensive research without the support of a university or a research facility. Stewart’s story is one of perseverance, ingenuity, compassion, independence, and integrity, a noble tale in the checkered history of science. –Donna Seaman

From Booklist, Copyright (c) American Library Association. Used with permission.

Greene, Gayle. The Woman Who Knew Too Much: Alice Stewart and the Secrets of Radiation. University of Michigan Press, 1999.

Warning: These citations may not always be 100% accurate.





Kids in College by Valerie Cheers Brown

My life has been always about pleasing and putting on hold when it comes to the family.

I had a love for gymnastics and was put on hold because I had to help take care of my siblings according to my dad. 😉 lol

I always thought I needed a degree to get a better paying job but I found out if you prove to that employer that you can do that job if they will give you a chance, you can get anything in life you want regardless or whenever the time is right for you or what we may or may not have.

A degree is not for everybody and education is most important and I consider myself a lifetime student, therefore no degree needed!

I found that you don’t have to be what everybody else thinks is the right thing but you can be anything you want to do and be in life by being determined and not worrying what others may think.

When I had my daughter in June 25, 1972 it was the most blessed day of my life.

I went through hell in the beginning and was even pushed to give her up for adoption but I didn’t and I am so happy that I have my baby girl still in my life.

We have our ups and downs but when it came to my daughter I struggled.

First, when I got pregnant I was a senior in high school.

Man, did I ever get criticized, belittled, told I was a bad example for the other girls, etc.

But, boy did I show them this was not true and when people tell me I can’t, I show them just how I will and set an example for others too!

Back in the 1970’s there were schools specifically for pregnant girls and I think it was for unwed mothers who were pregnant.  They did not want you amongst the other general population but I refused to be put into a cage and made as if we were a bad influence for others!

I refused to be subjected to this school so I became the very first pregnant student to march across that stage June 9, 1972 at Beaumont and delivered my daughter June 25, 1972.

Not only did I break a vicious cycle, but I also kept breaking rules even when in college in the 1970’s.

I first went to the University of Missouri, UMSL in Saint Louis and I would take my daughter to my lectures as she lie in her bumperseat and she would not cry because she was with me and they did not even know she was there.

I say this to say that to the mother’s out there, we carry our babies for nine months and it is our responsibility to nourish them with breast milk, keep them safe and not let anything happen to them at any time and especially when they can’t even talk yet!

I really do believe that is the reason my daughter as a freshman in high school at Parkway Central was hyped up and always told me, “Mommy I am so ready for college and can’t wait to go,” because I had her in the atmosphere as a baby!

When they are babies they cannot tell us what somebody did to them, so this is why I took her as a baby with me to college. Again, back in the 1970’s this was probably a way to get thrown out of college, but I did it anyway!

If you have babies ladies, ask the colleges if they would mind if you brought your baby to class with you and don’t be afraid of breaking rules if they say no especially when little infants.

We must keep our babies safe at all times until they can know the difference between good touch and bad touch, so keep them with you! It is your responsibility and not a daycare, nanny or even family members, i.e. mother.

Yes, my mom helped me a lot but what happened to me as a baby should not have happened, therefore, I made sure it did not happen to my child.

So ask questions mothers and your baby comes first and God did not intend for us to carry them for nine months to turn around and let somebody babysit them while we work or away from them and they cannot express their feelings when they don’t like something being done to them.

If I had to do all over again, I have grown so much that I would do even a better job with baby number two (2).

I did the very best I could but I must have done something so right and I thank God for my daughter but if she knew half of what I went through, she would realize how much her mother loves and fought for her to be here!

When my daughter graduated and marched across that stage at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, May 1994, they called me up on the stage and gave me a recognition certificate which states: “Valerie Brown, on behalf of the Trustees, Faculty and Students of Stephens College, I would like to express my deep appreciation for your dedication and service through the Parent’s Council. ” -Patsy H. Sampson, President May, 1994.

This was one of the most happiest days in my life to see my daughter accomplish what I had and thought I wanted to do, but education means far too much to me to worry about a degree, but I am so happy and proud of my daughter, the strong woman, Director she is and has turned into!

Born Thinkers by Valerie Cheers Brown

“As a child I felt myself to be alone, and I am still, because I know things and must hint at things which others apparently know nothing of, and for the most part do not want to know.” — Carl Jung

The 4 Stages of Life According to Carl Jung


As we meander through this trip such is reality, we experience major changes. A few people utilize terms like “quarter-life emergency” or “middle age” to characterize where it is we think we are in our lives en route. To me, there aren’t goals in life. There are turning points without a doubt, however we can regularly return to similar spots that we were some time recently.

They don’t have anything to do with age or achievement, and for the duration of our lives we frequently push ahead and in reverse from these stages. As Jung once stated, “Completely ill-equipped, we step into the evening of life. More terrible still, we make this stride with the false presupposition that our truths and our beliefs will serve us as up to this point. Be that as it may, we can’t carry on with the evening of life as indicated by the program of life’s morning, for what was incredible in the morning will be little at night and what in the morning was valid, at night will have turned into a lie.”


The competitor is the stage in our lives when we are at our most self-ingested. There are individuals in our lives that have never made it out of this stage, or frequently return to it. Of the 4 phases, it has a tendency to be the minimum develop. It is described by being fixated on our physical bodies and appearance. For a case of the competitor stage, watch young people stroll past a mirror. The competitor stage can be narcissistic, basic, or even both.


Advancing in our lives, we achieve the warrior stage. This is the place we start to go up against duties and get the craving to overcome the world. All things considered, possibly not the world for a few of us, but rather this is the point at which we turn out to be more objective arranged. The greater part of the sudden we can see targets that we need to fulfill and the vanity of the competitor stage starts to blur. The warrior stage is truly portrayed by the battles in our lives that early adulthood can toss at us. The warrior stage is additionally the most well-known pshase that individuals return to for the duration of their lives as they “re-develop” themselves.


At the point when the warrior stage in our lives is arriving at an end, we wind up asking: “what have I accomplished for others?” Your concentrations move from your own accomplishments to finishing objectives in view of sending other individuals’ lives. This stage is regularly connected to child rearing, on the grounds that your concentration gets to be giving a superior life to your kids, and what it is you have. The announcement stage for some individuals is a great deal more than a connection to child rearing, and more about leaving a legacy or an impression in life. The announcement stage is an opportunity to think about what you have fulfilled, and how you can keep pushing ahead – not only for you, but rather for the other individuals throughout your life. To the extent development goes, the announcement stage is a tremendous stride forward from even the warrior stage.


The last phase of life is the soul organize. In this stage, we understand that we are more than what we have collected – be it cash, companions, belonging, great deeds, or points of reference in life. We are otherworldly creatures. We understand that we are divine creatures in a voyage of life that has no genuine start and no end. The soul stage is portrayed by a feeling of “escaping your own particular personality” and concentrating on what is sitting tight for us past our physical creatures. The logician Lao Tzu proposed a question more than 2500 years prior that flawlessly depicts the soul stage: “”Can you venture again from your own particular personality and hence see all things? Conceiving an offspring and supporting, having without having, acting without any desires, driving and not attempting to control: this is the preeminent temperance.”

Carl Jung’s “Stages Of Life”

As indicated by Carl Jung, what keeps individuals from getting to be distinctly self-governing, satisfied and eventually cheerful is their refusal to open themselves to encounters that are new and different, and consequently possibly debilitating to their feeling of self. When we have gone from youth to immaturity to adulthood, nature relinquishes us to the universe of cognizance, which is to state, to culture. We are subsequently compelled to state “farewell to untainted obviousness and trust in nature.” The question then emerges, “What sort of individual should I then get to be in this weird new world?”

Each of us must stand up to it!  This is what made me like Carl Jung as a child and I liked reading his work like I was an adult at the library. I actually had adults or even elementary teachers questioning my parents why I was reading adult like stuff as they wrote my mother and father on a report card in red ink? I guess this is sort of why I stood up to adults even my own father many times as a child, adolescent, teenager and adult.

He compares this situation to the scriptural fall of Adam. Prior to the fall, life in the Garden was protected, pure, unadulterated, uncomplicated, happy. Be that as it may, with the generous chomp into the illegal organic product came awareness of good and fiendish, and with it the plunge into a world that was dubious as opposed to protected, cognizant instead of oblivious, far fetched as opposed to certain, sullied as opposed to immaculate. “The scriptural fall of man exhibits the beginning of cognizance as a revile,” Jung composed.

As Jung sees it, individuals fancy an existence that is sheltered, uncomplicated, well known and in many regards constant. Yet, such a life is at last contracting: it dispossesses the likelihood of learning and advancing, and along these lines, of building up a “more extensive and higher cognizance.”

Interesting that “nature thinks nothing at all about a more elevated amount of awareness,” and society “does not esteem these deeds of the mind exceptionally; its prizes are constantly given for accomplishment and not for identity, the last being compensated generally after death.” And so the individual is allowed all to sit unbothered to choose what sort of a presence she will have, and whether she will energetically jump further and more profound into the uncertain waters of life to pick up a wealthier point of view of everything.

The entries underneath build up these focuses. They have been excerpted from Jung’s article “Phases of Life,” in The Portable Jung, ed. by Joseph Campbell (1976), pp.4-5, 9-12. – Tim Ruggiero

“In the event that psychic life comprised just of plainly obvious matters of certainty – which on a primitive level is still the case – we could mollify ourselves with a tough induction. The psychic existence of acculturated man, be that as it may, is brimming with issues; we can’t consider it aside from regarding issues. Our psychic procedures are made up to a vast degree of reflections, questions, analyses, all of which are totally remote to the oblivious intuitive personality of primitive man. It is the development of cognizance which we should thank for the presence of problems…It is recently man’s moving in the opposite direction of intuition – his contradicting himself to sense – that makes awareness. Impulse is nature and looks to sustain nature, though awareness can just look for culture or its foreswearing. Notwithstanding when we swing back to nature, enlivened by a Rousseauesque aching, we “develop” nature. For whatever length of time that we are still submerged in nature, we are oblivious and we live in the security of intuition which knows no issues. Everything in us that still has a place with nature contracts far from an issue, for its name is uncertainty, and wherever question holds influence there is vulnerability and the likelihood of disparate ways. What’s more, where a few ways appear to be conceivable, there we have moved in the opposite direction of the specific direction of sense and are given over to fear. For awareness is presently called upon to do what nature has constantly accomplished for her kids – to be specific, to give a specific, obvious, and unequivocal choice. What’s more, here we are plagued by a very human dread that cognizance – our Promethean triumph – may at last not have the capacity to serve us and in addition nature.

“Issues in this way draw us into a stranded and confined state where we are surrendered by nature and are headed to cognizance. There is no other route open to us; we are compelled to fall back on cognizant choices and arrangements where earlier we confided in ourselves to characteristic happenings. Each issue, along these lines, brings the likelihood of an enlarging of cognizance, additionally the need of saying farewell to untainted obviousness and trust in nature. This need is a psychic actuality of such significance that it constitutes a standout amongst the most fundamental typical lessons of the Christian religion. It is the relinquish of the only normal man, of the oblivious, candid being whose terrible profession started with the eating of the apple in Paradise. The scriptural fall of man introduces the beginning of awareness as a reviled. Furthermore, in actuality it is in this light we first look upon each issue that compels us to more noteworthy cognizance and isolates us significantly advance from the heaven of oblivious youth. Each one of us happily moves in the opposite direction of his issues; if conceivable, they should not be specified, or, even better, their reality is denied. We wish to make our lives straightforward, certain, and smooth, and therefore issues are unthinkable. We need to have convictions and no questions – comes about and no trials – without seeing that surenesses can emerge just through uncertainty and results just through investigation. The shrewd foreswearing of an issue won’t deliver conviction; despite what might be expected, a more extensive and higher awareness is required to give us the assurance and clearness we require…

“When we should manage issues, we intuitively oppose attempting the way that leads through indefinite quality and dimness. We wish to hear just of unequivocal outcomes and totally overlook that these outcomes must be realized when we have wandered into and developed again from the murkiness. However, to infiltrate the haziness we should summon every one of the forces of illumination that cognizance can offer; as I have as of now stated, we should even enjoy theories…

“We are all acquainted with the wellsprings of the issues that emerge in the time of youth. For a great many people it is the requests of life which cruelly put a conclusion to the fantasy of adolescence. In the event that the individual is adequately very much arranged, the move to a calling or profession can occur easily. Be that as it may, in the event that he sticks to dreams that are in opposition to reality, then issues will unquestionably emerge. Nobody can step into existence without making certain presumptions, and sporadically these suppositions are false – that is, they don’t fit the conditions into which one is tossed. Regularly it is an issue of misrepresented desires, underestimation of troubles, unjustified good faith, or a negative state of mind. One could gather a significant rundown of the false suspicions that offer ascent to the main cognizant issues.

“Yet, it is not generally the inconsistency between subjective suspicions and outside truths that offers ascend to issues; it might similarly as regularly be inward, psychic troubles. They may exist notwithstanding when things run easily in the outside world. Regularly it is the unsettling influence of psychic balance brought on by the sexual impulse; similarly frequently it is the sentiment mediocrity which springs from a deplorable affectability. These inward clashes may exist notwithstanding when adjustment to the external world has been accomplished without clear exertion. It even appears as though youngsters who have had a hard battle for presence are saved inward issues, while the individuals who for reasons unknown or other have no trouble with adjustment keep running into issues of sex or clashes emerging from a feeling of predominance…

“Something in us wishes to remain a tyke, to be oblivious or, at most, cognizant just of the sense of self; to dismiss everything unusual, or else subject it to our will; to do nothing, or else enjoy our own particular needing for delight or power. In this there is something of the idleness of matter; it is an ingenuity in the past express whose scope of cognizance is littler, smaller, and more proud than that of the dualistic stage. For here the individual is confronted with the need of perceiving and tolerating what is distinctive and bizarre as his very own piece life, as a sort of ‘likewise I’.

“The basic element of the dualistic stage is the enlarging of the skyline of life, and it is this that is so vivaciously stood up to. Undoubtedly, this development – or diastole, as Goethe called it – had begun much sooner than this. It starts during childbirth when the tyke deserts the limited containment of the mother’s body; and from that point on it consistently increments until it achieves a peak in the problematical state, when the individual starts to battle against it.

“What might transpire in the event that he just changed himself into that outside appearing to be ‘likewise I’ and permitted the prior conscience to vanish into the past? We may assume this to be a very common sense course. The very point of religious instruction, from the appeal to put off the old Adam appropriate back to the resurrection ceremonies of primitive races, is to change the person into the new, future man, and to permit the old to diminish.

Brain research shows us that, in a specific sense, there is nothing in the mind that is old; nothing that can truly, at last wither away. Indeed, even Paul was left with a thistle in the substance. Whoever ensures himself against what is new and weird and relapses to the past falls into an indistinguishable hypochondriac condition from the man who distinguishes himself with the new and flees from the past. The main contrast is that the one has irritated himself from the past and the other from what’s to come. On a basic level, both are doing likewise: they are strengthening their restricted scope of awareness as opposed to shattering it in the strain of contrary energies and working up a condition of more extensive and higher cognizance…

The major issues in life…are never completely understood. If at any time they ought to give off an impression of being so it is a certain sign that something has been lost. The significance and reason for an issue appear to lie not in its answer but rather in our working at it relentlessly.


“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.”

“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people.”

“Loneliness does not come from having no people about one, but from being unable to communicate the things that seem important to oneself, or from holding certain views which others find inadmissible.”

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

“Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol, morphine or idealism.”

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls.”

“Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you.”

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.”

“There’s no coming to consciousness without pain.”

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.”

“Mistakes are, after all, the foundations of truth, and if a man does not know what a thing is, it is at least an increase in knowledge if he knows what it is not. ”

“As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.”

“Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.”

“Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling.”

Complain Very Little by Valerie Cheers Brown

Okay, I did not say don’t complain, but I did say complain very little.

Why do people think that if you complain something is terribly wrong with you?

Yes, I always have to be different!

This is where I think that complaining can be valuable:

If you are not vocal about things you don’t like, how will get support from those around you?

Have you heard the old saying, “A closed mouth won’t get fed?”

Complainers acting together can make things happen.

About a year ago I became a member of Change.org.

I like the idea of like-minded people finding one another coming together making things happen instead of just complaining and talking about, don’t you?

I am not talking about complainers who are hurting others nor social demonstrators who publicly demonstrate strong objection to wrongdoing.

I will give you an example. We will use one of my favorite discussions which I love helping them and their employees. We will speak on Saint Louis Metro Ride.

Who do you honestly believe would make the better idea motivators to the CEO’s of Metro and who do you think they would listen to?

I always have and will always believe it is us, the riders! But, how will they know what we want or even need if we don’t speak up?

I hear some complaining on the bus and no pun intended, lots of men more than others stating, “They are not going to listen to us!”

I tell them in return, “You see all those benches and protection from the rain up and down West Florissant Avenue?”

“Well, I wrote and fought for those seats to be put there and I am one voice,” but I showed them how passionate that this should be something that was needed essentially to become real in our community and we now have seats at every bus stop I requested!

I try to not act like I know everything but I do try and use what they said would not be done and then show how I did and made it happen by writing and becoming a concerned passenger of the community who was willing to speak up like I meant I wanted it to happen for not only me, but for others in the community for now and for after I am gone!

I know myself I feel better when I complain and you would be so surprised to hear others then speak up. It sort of gives others the courage to say what they had been wanting to say but never would for fear of what others would think of them maybe, but sense you did do the complaining, they now speak up too! 😉 lol

All I am saying that it urks the hell out of me when people make speeches and the first thing that comes out of people’s mouths is how much this person never complained.

Well, if we never complain how will we know if others feel the same way we feel and how will we ever have room for improvement if we don’t speak up to make things change for the better for all people?!

If you don’t say nothing you get exactly that NOTHING!

Doesn’t somebody have to be the leader who is brave enough to say something and doesn’t that person have to complain to the people to hear who else is with you?

Now, I am not saying that one voice will not be heard but we need to inspire others and watch and see what it does for the universe and most importantly for self!

When you speak up and out to the universe it gives them permission to shine also is all I am saying and then we can not only complain but make things happen too!

I don’t care what people say or think about me to be perfectly honest.

First, I am not perfect and second, I don’t want to be!

Nobody but God is perfect anyway!

I want to learn all that I can learn even if sometimes gets under some people’s nerve.

But so far, so good! 😉

Now here is my theory of complaining: It helps me to stay in balance and of course, we must pick our own battles, but speaking out and up has it reasonable limits! You will go crazy if you don’t say something some of the time. There is both psychological and physical limit to how much we hold inside. If people consider you to be negative and even reject us for speaking up, then it is their loss. Anyway never complaining seems to me to be a very boring life. 😉  Have you forgotten how to express yourself? When you express how you feel isn’t that complaining? When you go to see a psychologist, isn’t that complaining? If complaining is a bad thing then I am so happy that I am not normal and self-expression never hurt anybody last I checked and that goes for occasionally complaining.

When you express how you feel isn’t that complaining? When you go to see a psychologist, isn’t that complaining? If complaining is a bad thing then I am so happy that I am not normal and self-expression never hurt anybody last I checked and that goes for occasionally complaining.

If complaining is a bad thing then I am so happy that I am not normal and self-expression never hurt anybody last I checked and that goes for occasional complaining.

In conclusion, couldn’t complaining be considered both self-respect and sanity?

Stop trying to be so perfect and join the complaining generation who are going to make things happen by being different and don’t care who likes them!

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