Time Discovers Truth by Valerie Cheers Brown

Society makes us believe everything but the cause to be the culprit

Cancer dependably always has a cause despite what may be reported. There is no such thing as unconstrained cancer without cause, and the cancer industry who claim such wonders exist are working on only promoting making money off of the lack of knowledge of the public.

I am so sick and tired of hearing cigarettes and smoking causes cancer.  Yes, by the way don’t forget the chemicals and additives added to the tobacco which does cause cancer.

“Chemicals are the sinister and little-recognized partners of radiation in changing the very nature of the world–the very nature of life.” – Rachel Carson author of ‘Silent Spring’

Who would believe that a disease would become an industry where individuals actually make a profit by people’s little or no knowledge about how cancer is actually caused?  When we find the cause we find the cure and we are on a mission to end childhood cancer and disease leading to the disability rate lowering rather than getting higher!

According to (NaturalNews) “You’ve been shown a wide range of lies about growth by the “malignancy profiteers” – the foundations, tumor specialists, oncology focuses and chemotherapy medicate producers who benefit from disease.”

So as to keep their benefits streaming, they need to keep you out of the loop about cancer truths: How it starts, how it can be averted and how it can even be turned around!

If you or a friend or family member have been determined to have cancer (or even speculate you may have cancer tumor), it’s pivotal to figure out how the revenue driven cancer industry has been misleading you. Keep in mind, cancer specialists like the criminal oncologist Dr. Farid Fata dishonestly determined individuals to have growth to profit off “treating” them with savage chemicals known as “chemotherapy.” Dr. Fata, who worked out of a best in class disease focus in Detroit, is presently a sentenced criminal.

In any case, there are more hoodlums working inside the malignancy business: Oncologists, disease specialists, bosom tumor pros and mammography extortionists. They will probably startle you with a false positive analysis, then persuade you to experience surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatment that you don’t require!

To maintain a strategic distance from all that and possibly spare your own particular life, learn and recall these main 20 greatest cancer lies you’ve been mentally programmed to accept.

What’s more, when you’re prepared for a much more noteworthy measurement of reality about cancer. It is time to have an open mind and do your own homework and research and together we can begin to end childhood cancer!

There is a cause for cancer

There are a large number of cures for cancer that as of now exist in the characteristic world and are being utilized each day all over the planet, outside the controlled restraining infrastructures of pharmaceutical solution and harmful chemotherapy. Your body definitely knows how to cure growth! It simply needs the assets (and shirking of dangerous chemicals) to finish it.

Cancer does not kill the cure does

Chemotherapy is a sort of “concoction mass bombarding” way to deal with boorish pharmaceutical that toxic substances the whole body. The quantifiable shrinkage of disease tumors isn’t a “treatment” for growth by any means. Unless the growth tumor undeveloped cells are expelled or obliterated, the tumor just becomes back. What’s more, once the body is harmed by chemotherapy, its invulnerable reaction to disease is for all time traded off, which is the reason tumor tends to return in various organs inside 12-24 months after a man experiences chemotherapy.

Learn the real story on cancer cures, cancer prevention and cancer industry fraud in The Truth About Cancer docu-series.

Chemicals in personal care products cause cancer

Popular personal care products are absolutely loaded with cancer-causing chemicals, including hormone disruptors, known carcinogens and fragrance chemicals that promote mutagenesis. Nearly all popular laundry detergents and fabric softeners are little more than cancer-causing cocktails of dangerous chemicals marketed in happy-looking boxes.

Pesticides and herbicides cause cancer

As per ‘Silent Spring’s’ Rachel Carson depicted how DDT entered the natural way of life and amassed in the fatty tissues of creatures, including people, and brought about disease and hereditary harm. A solitary application on a yield, she composed, killed creepy crawlies for a considerable length of time and months—the focused on bugs as well as incalculable more—and stayed lethal in nature even after it was weakened by water. Carson inferred that DDT and different pesticides had unalterably hurt creatures and had defiled the world’s nourishment supply.

Silent Spring is an environmental science book by Rachel Carson. The book was published on 27 September 1962 and it documented the detrimental effects on the environment of the indiscriminate use of pesticides. Wikipedia

Society makes you believe you are destined to have cancer and it comes from the genes which is the biggest lie ever!

There’s nothing in your the genes that projects you to have cancer. Your hereditary code is really a diagram for flawless wellbeing. In any case, when your body’s cells are showered in harmful, cancer and disease creating chemicals found in nourishment, being over x-rayed, and individual care items, it causes great qualities to turn awful (through mutations), prompting to cancer. You have surprising control over your exposure to (or avoidance of) cancer causing chemicals.  If you change eating habits, make sure the water you drink is safe and not containing acidity your body will heal itself.  I got a testimony about God will do when you believe and have faith in His healing powers and foods!

Cancer industry does not want to make cancer go away

Cancer doctors win colossal benefits on chemotherapy, surgery and radiation medications. It is to their greatest advantage that you have repeating cancer, making rehash business for them. In the event that they helped you wipe out cancer, they would lose your business and miss out on all the cash they can make off your disease!

Mammograms are another form of the cancer money making business industry and they don’t care about us

Mammograms discharge ionizing radiation that causes disease and cancer. The more mammograms you get, the more like you are to in the end be determined to have cancer… brought on by the mammography! Furthermore, there are such a variety of false encouraging points in mammography that measurements indicate mammograms at last damage and/or harm 10 ladies for each 1 lady they may offer assistance.

Shouldn’t drug companies or even the cancer foundations, i.e. Komen, etc. have found a cure by now with all of the technology we have in this country and all of the money they have raised over the years?

The Pharmaceutical Industry’s need to continue depending on cancer for benefits and profits and they have no concern nor interest at all in disposing of their income stream by getting rid of cancer. To do as such would be money related suicide. The degenerate, exploitative Komen gathering is a front for the cancer business. It rounds up cash from gifts and uses the majority of it to run mammography facilities in poor, inward city neighborhoods where individuals can be determined to have cancer and swung over to chemotherapy medicines for wiped out benefits. Komen for the Cure is running a restorative racket and has zero enthusiasm for curing cancer. It’s a similar racket we’ve been guaranteed since the 1960s: If we simply had a couple of more billion dollars in subsidizing, we’d discover a cure which is a vicious cycle never ending it seems.

Discover the truth about cancer that “they” don’t want you to know! Click here to register for the Truth About Cancer Summit, and watch dozens of top interviews for FREE.

Bottom Line

At last, the “immense lie” of the cancer business is that it needs to make itself out of date by settling or solving cancer. This lie is predicated on the ridiculous premise that each cancer master or expert, cancer doctor, cancer non-profit, cancer research facility and cancer pharmaceutical organization or industry needs to bankrupt itself by wiping out cancer until the end of time. Any smart individual realizes that individuals who are saturated with the benefit of cancer will never surrender those benefits, regardless of the possibility that it implies ensuring individuals remain wiped out and unhealthy. (You’re enduring is no worry to them. They require benefits!)  Bottom line is they don’t intend on wiping out cancer only people putting more money into their pockets only.

It’s an ideal opportunity to quit permitting the degenerated canver industry to utilize your body as their benefit cancer. Figure out how to counteract and even invert cancer utilizing non-poisonous techniques by researching, asking questions, using God’s food as healing so the body can heal itself.

Take a listen to The Truth About Cancer Summit and let’s work together as a great country using common sense.  It is time to end childhood cancer!

What causes cancer?
In most cases, the exact cause of cancer is not known is told to us which is not true.
Go to page 3 of cdc_gyn_comprehensive brochure!
Print out this brochure!
How can anybody give something so deadly to pregnant women and to think that they hurt not only the mother but the unborn fetus is unbelievable to me?  Are you a DES Daughter or Son?

“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.” – Dr. Otto Warburg



Asserting radiation to be “hazardous at any measurement,” Alice Stewart, MD epidemiologist, discovered low-level radiation doses was far more serious than most scientists. She went up against the foundation by testing its long-held confidence in the “straight speculation.” The last mentioned, as its title infers, is a problematic yet logically acknowledged hypothesis expressing that radiation harm to tissue is specifically corresponding to the size of the dosage received.

Cover Image

British epidemiologist Stewart has been issuing warnings about the serious health threats associated with low doses of radiation for 40 years. Her investigation began in 1956, when she traced childhood cancers to prenatal X-rays. That discovery led to her even more controversial findings regarding nuclear workers and the inaccuracies of the so-called A-bomb data used to calculate safe radiation dosages. Greene calls her riveting portrait a “collaborative memoir,” and, indeed, Stewart’s voice is heard almost as frequently as her biographer’s as she recounts her unusual life with verve and humor. Greene enthusiastically chronicles Stewart’s fascinating family history (her mother was one of England’s first women doctors) and demanding private life, and perspicaciously examines the “visions and doggedness” that characterized Stewart’s pioneering and invaluable work. Now in her nineties, Stewart combated sexism throughout her career and conducted her labor-intensive research without the support of a university or a research facility. Stewart’s story is one of perseverance, ingenuity, compassion, independence, and integrity, a noble tale in the checkered history of science. –Donna Seaman

From Booklist, Copyright (c) American Library Association. Used with permission.

Greene, Gayle. The Woman Who Knew Too Much: Alice Stewart and the Secrets of Radiation. University of Michigan Press, 1999.

Warning: These citations may not always be 100% accurate.






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