When God Made You, He Said…TA DA! by Valerie Chers Brown

You don’t want to be something that you are not just because somebody else wants you to. It would be pretty easy if you did what they want and it sounds boring. If you want to do something, do something that scares the hell out of you and do what you really want to do.. – Valerie Cheers BrownMake

What is being your own self? Somebody once revealed to me that it’s not what you need to be that makes you extraordinary, yet it’s the manner by which God made you that demonstrates your real nature and makes you one of a kind. Many individuals in this world are not what they give off an impression of being whether it’s endeavoring to inspire others or notwithstanding attempting to fit in. I use to resemble many people. All that I needed was to fit in and to resemble every other person, notwithstanding, I discovered that endeavoring to resemble another person won’t go anyplace in life particularly on the off chance that they need you to act a specific way.

A few people are influenced by the way others treat them. I trust that regardless of the amount you need to be somebody else, it’s smarter to act naturally. When you are yourself then other individuals regard you and cherish you for being who God intended you to be.   I used to be a young lady who worried what others though.   I didn’t know my own identity or who I needed to be. It was troublesome and a battle for me to defeat the dread of being judged for simply being me. I didn’t acknowledge what I had been made different for good reasons and God wanted me to use these differences to help me and then help others. When I use to hang out with a gathering of supposed companions, I acted simply like them. I was a supporter and I suspected that on the off chance that I didn’t act like them I wouldn’t be acknowledged by them as “companions”.

I discovered that when you are not yourself and you are attempting to be somebody else, you turn into a faceless individual with no personality and believe it or not people can see right through this. It’s hard for you to act naturally particularly when others need you to resemble them. Those are the general population that needs to close you down and influences you to feel awful about yourself. You simply need to take after the other individual and turnout to be much the same as them, however, that takes away your character. To be your own identity implies that you don’t need to tune into what anybody says in regards to you. It’s tied in with cherishing and loving yourself for your own identity and that is the thing that the vast majority can’t do.

To act naturally implies you should acknowledge and cherish your own identity regardless. I believe it’s wrong for the individuals who need you to be their way or no way or if you don’t agree make something wrong with you. I battled through that. I minded what individuals thought about me, yet an insightful companion disclosed to me that I shouldn’t mind what other individuals think about me, yet ought to act naturally in light of the fact that that is the best part about me. Acting naturally really causes me to know my own God-given identity. Try not to do what other individuals need you to do. Everybody has an identity and can utilize it to his or her favorable position in life. Individuals that instruct you to be somebody else are not friends and them considering what is best for you is not love but only they just think about themselves. It’s anything but difficult to tell others, yet regularly extremely hard to state no but I learned real quick by being alone with peace!

I trust that you ought to do things that you put stock in and not what others have confidence in.  Do what you’re great at and love what you do.   In the event that you cherish something to take the plunge, and don’t give anybody a chance to keep you down or reveal to you that you can’t do it.

To me acting naturally implies that you need to love yourself and put aside your blemishes. You have to realize that God made you uncommon and He cherishes you simply the way you are.  In the event that you recall that God cherishes and loves you than what other individuals say won’t make any difference since He made you exceptional and one of a kind and everyone of the imperfections makes you, you.

You were created in God’s image. God makes no mistakes. To put yourself down for the way you are is to insult God’s handiwork. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ❤ Remember: You are one of a kind!