Screw it, Let’s Just do it! by Valerie Cheers Brown

As a child, I often wondered what would make me an asset in life?

I listen to ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ quite often and love listening to encouraging words which motivate you and love the quote by another mentor of mine Robert Kiyosaki “Asset. Remember, your mind is your greatest asset, so be careful what you put into it.”

I have never been one who liked getting on one job and staying for too long!

All of my life especially while working Corporate America I have always had the ‘volunteering’ mentality.

What does this mean to me?

Great volunteers are irreplaceable, they are extraordinary and most teams want you in their tribe. Volunteering allows you learn different things and you become so to speak essential to scaling and with the world facing super sized challenge, scale matters according to Forbes.

What does ‘asset’ mean?

Asset means a useful or valuable thing, person, or quality.
So, when and if anybody ever tells you that you got a problem when you don’t stay on one job long enough, just look at them and smile and be proud of yourself.

I loved my dad but I never listened to him when it came to going to school, getting a job and then retiring.

My day tried to hammer into my brain as a kid, adolescent and even an adult his method for a good life!

I was blessed to have a very hard working dad and if I didn’t understand anything about his theory I did learn to working hard, being dependable, and consistent in doing a good job in anything that you do, will make you an asset and not a candidate for early retirement!

As a child and even right NOW, I can still hear my dad telling me and my siblings that you need to go to school, get a good job with good benefits, move out of his house,  stay on the same job forever and then retire.

I still don’t know what this means when I see many work their tails off on the same job for years, complain that they can’t wait until they retire and then can barely make ends meet when they do retire, some go back to work again (to a job just to make ends meet and because now they are retired) and just be complacent this vicious cycle with not only getting older, needing more medical attention because you are not happy and repeat the cycle until you either die or just get too sick to even care anymore because you thought this was the way or meaning of getting older?

If anything to me this is a real future shock going from being paid on that job weekly to retiring and now only receiving money once a month!

Okay, if you like what you do why would you retire?

Okay, if you love what you do, why leave it or even stop?

When do you become a priority doing what you love?

Okay, if you do retire and never liked your job I can see you switching jobs until you found what you loved doing more logical than just retiring and doing absolutely nothing!

Doing nothing me is just what it is and when you do nothing you get NOTHING!

This is just my very own opinion and just don’t and can not understand nor believe that retiring and getting older is any of this!

I can’t figure this theory or philosophy of getting older out to save my own life!  It is so much more to life than doing a job because you have to?

Now, while this is probably why I am right here, right now where I am which is not where I still want to be, so I work even harder than I did when I was working a 9-5 job to get the better things of life which I fervently deserve with all of this vast experience I have worked my butt off making others rich!

“Now, it is my turn to say thank you for God blessing me with all this vast work experience which has taught me many things about what I don’t want to be when having my own company and mostly I have learned that when you take care of who takes care of you you are not only an asset but you have been trained by God to have your very own company and explore all the many different opportunities you now can offer to the world and never have to worry again!” – Valerie Cheers Brown

Only this time I am working to get myself out of poverty because I consider you get what you give and this is what I decided for way too long to do to get where I am right now!

What does one do when they have been working all of their life on a job making others rich, receiving a paycheck which you earn for who?

I am blessed to have been given the mindset to not worry what others may think of me by switching jobs so often, being fired from a few and still here right now telling you my story.

One might say, why is she bragging about this?

I earn no bragging rights to explain why I am where I am right now, but I do earn bragging rights to live a much better life simply because I have all of this experience under my belt!

So, in conclusion why not use all of the blessed many jobs I have had over the years to take me where I know I should be at this point of my life which is to have all of the things in my life where I never have to worry ever again about where the next dollar comes from, not worry about how to pay for traveling the world, and not worry about what others think of my choices but hopefully will encourage somebody that it is not what we do but what we do with it!

So like my mentor always encourages, “Believe it can be done, have goals, visualize well, help each other and have FAITH in yourself.!” – Richard Branson

Let God Write Your Story by Valerie Cheers Brown

Continuously as a child I frequently pondered what it resembles to be a mogul or millionaire so my sister and myself started getting things done, numerous things and ideas and inventions, our folks never at any point knew we had done until the point when we let them know as they got older.

I recollect one time I and my sister sent a letter to Kellogg’s and we had come up with this great idea of yet but another yummy cereal all kids would like and I can’t exactly recall the fixings or ingredients but I do know dark cocoa which is supposed to be healthy we had included being in the new cereal, however, I do realize that the cereal would turn to chocolate milk immediately after you poured the milk onto and you had two treats in one which the chocolate milk would be one and you could even just eat the cereal as a snack but the best part was how when you ate the cereal you would have this big bowl full of chocolate milk which was all yours and I loved milk and still do!

All things considered, it turned into a famous cereal and we didn’t comprehend what the hell we were doing yet our eminences or what they call today, royalties were colossal boxes of cereal conveyed to our home for quite a long time every month and mother and father did not need to purchase cereal for a long while in any event! lol Our mother would dependably enter sweepstakes and she thought she had won the cereal and much to her dismay that her two children had designed Cocoa Krispies and had nothing but cereal coming once a month to show for it!

Gracious well, you think of an invention and you lose a few when you are a kid not knowing what the hell you were doing and especially sneaking and not asking or telling your parents what you were doing nor concocting! 😉 But the objective was to help mommy and daddy not have to work anymore and we would be millionaires. At least we thought? lol

Anyway, we would make festivals & carnivals once per year at our home and we made the rides with our own two hands and we were the pioneers who buckled and secured the children utilizing belts to lock them in and we would give them the ride of a lifetime taking and turning them all around! They were very mixed up and very dizzy when they escaped the seat which was simply the ride with our assistance obviously.

We charged and made natively constructed tickets and profited and were two young ladies continually attempting to discover methods for getting to be rich, at any rate at least we thought?

Anyway, we used constantly our entrepreneurial personalities discovering approaches to profit from having lemonade stands to have hops charging for you come in and move to the music! lol We even rehearsed like we were going to be the entertainment singing old Motown songs. If you could have seen us you would have thought we were getting ready to go to see Barry Gordy the way we seriously rehearsed! I could not sing but somehow the others drowned me out so we still sounded good. lol

As I got more established and seasoned in age I started working for others I which I abhorred constantly and you could tell since I never remained at any job sufficiently long to receive the American culture rewards of what most work towards which is called RETIREMENT, not in any case now as a senior at 65 I get nothing! I just couldn’t make sense of how I could function all those years working hard for others while making their organizations wealthier and wealthier and all I got was a paycheck living from payday to payday?

I watched my dad work on his jobs forever the longest job he held was 35 years and that was a part-time job and his main job was even longer! I would always hear him say, “I cannot wait to retire so much and could not understand if you don’t like something, why would you stay that long?” Anyway, he was asked to retire early at age 55 and what a big mistake that was and he did not realize that with all those years they really wanted him out so they would not have to pay what he was due! When he finally retired at age 55 he was not the same and it seemed he was not happy doing nothing. I truly think my dad loved working that job and I often wondered if he liked why would he retire? But, who am I but one who always asks questions and get told, “You ask too many questions?”

So, as I got older and eventually ended up being the chosen one to actually stay home and help to take care of our parents and not get paid not one single dime, I did not care because I love serving and taking care of others. This being my parents made it even more important I thought but there would be times I would so desperately need money of my own to do what I would like to do to survive. I was blessed because our parents both took care of us as children and also saw that I was taken care of while taking care of them having a roof over my head and food to eat and did not have to ever worry about utilities being turned off. I always think now how blessed I truly was because our parents are there for us when we come into the world as babies and I was blessed to be with them when they went out of the world as flesh as even babies again for a second time one could say! The rest was mediocre with me not working and family always come first in my book regardless of how much we argue, fuss or fight we still love one another and are supposed to be there when needed and so to keep our parents out of a nursing home they rested peacefully dying at home where they lived, loved and raised their children having me as the designated one with my other siblings help over the time and my nephew immensely helped me!

Meanwhile, in this way, turning into a mogul or notwithstanding endeavoring to break the grasp of destitution to end up fiscally effective as an African-American can be troublesome, given the greater part of the social and monetary hindrances of today. Presently envision endeavoring to end up a tycoon as an African-American at the sweet age of 64 may seem impossible to some but to me I am beginning my life and why not begin it with what I was put here on earth to do?

The chances would be low, yet a trailblazing gathering of African-American men and ladies did the inconceivable. They ended up tycoons in spite of their conditions and the obtrusive prejudice exhibit in America amid the late nineteenth and mid-twentieth century and now I will do it in the twenty-first century.

I began reading up and following moguls I had been brought up sort of similarities as a child who worked their asses off, yet had disabilities which did not stop them from being who they are to get to where they are today. I not only followed those who became millionaires but from millionaires to billionaires from scratch, not having it easy, grateful for what they had at the time and not ashamed to claim their dreams as already theirs, but I followed those imparticular who failed, got back up, failed and kept on going until they are who they are today telling and sharing their rags to riches stories.

One day, I will talk about the ascent of a First Black Millionaire woman who made it in her sixties and did not let her age stop her from becoming who God intended for her to be. I will be sharing because my story because I will be one of them and how they conceived in America and how their riches helped shaped people in poverty getting themselves out, changing history making them better for themselves first and then and how their business building systems can enable you to wind up rich In America also by believing in themselves, in God and having faith that He will not let you down nor forsake you when you have faith patience and give it to Him and follow His lead with the people you will have to leave alone and with the new people you don’t even know help you reach your destiny by God.

I will never forget what my mom told me before she could not speak anymore! She told me, “When you write you can get anything you want and when you wrote a letter to us at Christmas or anytime you kids wanted something, it was something about that writing that made you get what you requested and wrote and asked for. She also told me never be afraid to ask for what you want and this is not your strong suit so please ask for what you want or you won’t ever get it!” So, mom here is to you and the rest will be history soon and I will be sharing what I learned and why I owe it all to God first, but to you my parents resting peacefully now and I thank you!

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We Got A Plan by Valerie Cheers Brown

What could be done to end the looming investment, funding crisis for America’s airports?

“I have a vision and have for quite some time now for the pod or capsule hotel and have had since I first read how they are helping to offer both an economical arrangement and an elective, yet alternate affair of staying in the airport. God put a wonderful lady in my life as my mentor, Fran Kiradjian CEO of the Boutique & Lifestyle and Lodging Association for a reason.”

We got a plan Fran 😉 !!!

According to Forbes, Sharon Lam, “Asia’s Booming Pod Hotel Market Projected To Reach $226M — Why Are Travelers Downsizing,” Capsule lodgings have extended past Japan and have multiplied down on other Asian cities.  A 2017 report report directed by look into expert WiseGuy Research Consultants reports that “the worldwide container lodgings showcase is esteemed at 159 million USD in 2016 and is relied upon to achieve 226 million USD before the finish of 2022, developing at a CAGR [compound yearly development rate] of 6.03% in the vicinity of 2016 and 2022.” While Japan without a doubt assumes a critical part as the pioneer in this industry, a similar report singles out China as fast ascending in a piece of the pie. Out and out, examiners gauge that Southeast Asia will lead to its anticipated development of case lodgings from 2016-2022.”

Did you know: America’s airplane terminals create billions of dollars in financial movement and bolster a huge number of steady, great paying employment?

Airplane terminals: a GDP giant. America’s business airplane terminals represent in excess of 7 percent of national GDP and bolster in excess of 6 percent of the nation’s work compelling. [2]

[2] Economic Impact of Commercial Aviation in 2014, CDM Smith

Having a lively and proficient air terminal is fundamental when attempting to draw in new organizations and activities to America’s people group.

Airplane terminals expect more voyagers. Industry and government gauges show that residential traveler travel will develop from the present level of 713 million to in excess of 1 billion enplanements over the fifteen years. [5]

Airplane terminals must develop, contribute and grow for what’s to come. More than $71.3 billion in archived foundation ventures – runways, terminals, and different offices – are required by 2017 to guarantee airplane terminals can take care of this new demand for traveler travel, payload loadings, and other movements through the mid-2020s, in light of the long lead times required for air terminal enhancements. Arranging, allowing, and development can take five to eight years for a terminal and over 10 years for a runway. [6]

Air terminals confront approaching speculation, subsidizing emergency. The present government financing framework does not give sufficient assets to air terminals, or the long haul venture vision to address future issues.


In closing according to Forbes, “This pattern is likewise reflected in customer booking sites. “In the most recent year, we’ve seen an expansion in the number of case inns recorded on [travel website] This development is coming basically from Asia, with the countries demonstrating the biggest measure of case inns being Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore and furthermore Russia. Urban communities with the most case inns on are Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei, Osaka, and Xi’an,” says Oliver Hua, Managing Director of in the Asia Pacific.”

“We’ve likewise observed development in the number of appointments being made at container lodgings year over year, with appointments being made principally from voyagers in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China, yet additionally Great Britain,” he includes.”

“Catering to the new wave of trendy young urban creatives is what we need in the computer tech world and can see college students really taking advantage of this new wave of trendy capsule hotel in the airport!”

This could possibly help the hotels raise their rates and the capsule hotel could offer lower rates catching all those who may have delayed, canceled or even missed flight activity.  What a great way for airline flight crews to stay safe too while still being in the airport atmosphere having more to offer besides just missing flights?


Just think about it:

In Asia Capsule hotel price ranges are priced around US$50 a night with ‘nap rates’ that charge comfortably by the hour and comfortable and safe and way cheaper than staying at a hotel away from the airport. They would be luxurious but cheap and safe with all the amenities one would need if they needed to use a laptop, iPads and even a small desk, even having washer and dryers with a cleaner available and even available sauna and a gym. This could help and be most beneficial for people traveling for their companies saving the company money using only what you need and could help curb abuse of travel expenses especially when meetings for most of the trip and not spending hardly any time in those expensive hotel rooms.

Who needs more room than this to sleep when traveling when you think about it? Would this not be better than sleeping on the floor when flight delayed or even canceled?

Forbes says, “The ascent in these capsule hotels additionally flags another flood of youthful urban voyagers. SLEEEP bids for a more youthful statistic, focusing on who they call “youthful urban creatives” who are more eco-cognizant than more established ages.”

“Capsule lodgings additionally offer colossal adaptability. Though lodgings charge by night, container inns charge by the hour and are regularly positioned in air terminals or near downtown areas, settling on them an ideal decision for explorers got in delays. In addition, as per a 2015 McKinsey report, business go in Asia alone as of now represents 33% of US $1 trillion in yearly spending comprehensively—and is anticipated to grow four times as quick in North America. This exponential development implies that more convenience should benefit this request. The same McKinsey report shows that business explorers put a premium on comfort, making it likely this industry will develop as organization travel spending plans fix.”


Be Yourself: No Matter What They Do by Valerie Cheers Brown

First, I would like to say that I want bigger than what everyone has and is doing!
I often wonder how people become best seller authors and there are so many that I don’t want to be like them.
I want to do something bigger for my legacy!
Do you ever wonder how many people who become best seller author are even remembered after they have left us?
Is it because their book was really a best seller book where millions of people purchased.?
Or, ‘sorry to say,’ did they purchase their own books and become best seller authors because of the numbers of books THEY bought?
Or were they remembered for what they contributed to society to make a difference in all lives for the world?
Well, I want something bigger and much bigger than just being a best seller author just to say that I am!
I am seeing with my very own two eyes how what I wrote in published papers, which I did not know exactly how to do, but I “Just Did It,” has come to be recognized in many other people’s writings right now in the 21st century and from around the world!
I am so proud of myself and know God is proud of me too and it would not have happened without Him!
I have received numerous mentions from my friends and colleagues at which reads like this one, for example, I received today:
Dear Valerie J Cheers Brown,
5 papers uploaded to within the last 23 hours and 23 minutes mention the name “Valerie J Cheers Brown.”
I just want to show both young and older people you don’t have to be the best selling author to shine.  Because when others use you (your contribution) in their works means so much to what you have done for the whole entire world’s people!
To be able to share other works requires a lot of reading and time dedicated to putting together a paper.  I learned a lot about writing different kinds of research papers and still have a lot to learn but I am learning from my mistakes and I thank God for mistakes! I believe that other’s work was put here on earth and left here for us to take it and make it yours citing them of course as your source of findings references.
That is what it is here for and I do not care what anybody believes, says or writes about me, I will use others work until the day I die who their work honestly and truly deserves being known for what they contributed to society.
For you to pick up where others leave off will take courage especially when its something which can help us dissolve negative situations of the world and turn them into positive ones from TRUTHS.
There is a lot of reading to be done and I am finding so many who were not given credit due when they deserved who I will embellish upon in my future writings one day.
We need to know in the 21st century about all heroes & sheroes (a lot were not known because of being a woman) who set the path for us to pick up for right now helping the world with what they left for us!
This is so why my favorite place in the world is the Saint Louis Public Library! There is no place in the world with so many hidden treasures than this place in what we call STACKS where we protect vital information, books, findings, inventions, discoveries, etc..  This is where you can find books from way back that was not even touched, some never even read, that need to be touched and shared with the world for their contributions especially when it comes to Mother Nature and our wellbeing for all living things to survive!
To explain truths in your writing is not an easy task but when God is part of the truth, you will be okay and He will send you help! So always be true to yourself first when helping others with your work of writing and don’t give up getting the message out to help the world! Most of all don’t be afraid of telling the truth 😉
Thank you to all the past writers, authors, etc. who are still with us today through their writings, and for the department at the Saint Louis Public Library called ‘Stacks’ aka Government Information where I use to volunteer with William Olbrich who was a walking encyclopedia and I learned a lot from this great man (where books are preserved, protected and some we would put on microfilm the old fashion way by hand because were dissolving from being so old).
There is so much we have no knowledge of at the Public Library, but we must read and make them known to the world for them setting the path for a better world! – Valerie Cheers Brown
“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” – Robin Williams

You Don’t Have To Be a Doctor To Save Lives by Valerie Cheers Brown

A healthy organ donor may donate red blood cells every 56 days or Power Red every 112 days. A healthy donor may donate platelets as few as 7 days apart, but a maximum of 24 times a year.
Remember: You Don’t Have To Be a Doctor To Save Lives: Give back by being an ORGAN donor!!!!
About to go and give blood today!  To be able to give is a great thing and when you can’t give blood (don’t give up) find out why you cannot, ask questions and eat right, exercise, change lifestyle and go back until you can give and save your own life while saving another!

I was blessed to be given the opportunity to be introduced to volunteering very early at the age of 16 and you would have thought I was a nurse practitioner!

I learned a lot about a lot which can not only help to save other lives but your very own.

When I volunteered for the American Red Cross my favorite work was learning about how important the blood truly is!

I volunteered for the American Red Cross early on and learned that the blood tells your story and you can also learn quite a lot:

My first volunteering job with the American Red Cross was working in the Apheresis Department which according to Webster Dictionary means:

plural aphereses play \-ˌsēz\

withdrawal of blood from a donor’s body, removal of one or more blood components (such as plasma, platelets, or white blood cells), and transfusion of the remaining blood back into the donor  called also pheresis

Medical definition or term means

withdrawal of blood from a donor’s body, removal of one or more components (as plasma, blood platelets, or white blood cells) from the blood, and transfusion of the remaining blood back into the donor  called also pheresis; see leukapheresisplasmapheresisplateletpheresis
Did you know it was a BLACK man who discovered the blood bank?
Charles Richard Drew (June 3, 1904 – April 1, 1950) was an American physician, surgeon, and medical researcher. He researched in the field of blood transfusions, developing improved techniques for blood storage, and applied his expert knowledge to developing large-scale blood banks early in World War II.
Jan 19, 2018 – Who Was Charles Drew? Charles Richard Drew was born on June 3, 1904, in Washington, D.C. He was an African-American physician who developed ways to process and store blood plasma in “blood banks.” He directed the blood plasma programs of the United States and Great Britain in World War II, …
One more department I learned a lot about was Plasmapheresis:
a method of removing blood plasma from the body by withdrawing blood, separating it into plasma and cells, and transfusing the cells back into the bloodstream. It is performed especially to remove antibodies in treating autoimmune conditions.
There are various ways and various blood departments where they can save our lives!
What is cytapheresis?
cytapheresis in Medicine. cytapheresis cy·ta·phe·re·sis (sī’tə-fə-rē’sĭs) n. A procedure in which various cells can be separated from withdrawn blood and retained, with the plasma and other formed elements retransfused into the donor.
What is photopheresis?
The treated white blood cells will then be re-infused into your body through your arm or CVC. The treated cells will stimulate your immune system to fight GVHD or CTCL. Another medication called heparin is used during the procedure to prevent your blood from clotting in the photopheresis machine.
What is LDL apheresis?
LDL apheresis is a nonsurgical therapy that removes low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol from a patient’s blood. During LDL apheresis, the plasma portion of the blood, which contains cholesterol, is separated and run through a machine that removes the LDL.
What are the hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell (HSPC) transplantations?
Hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell (HSPC) transplantations require prior harvesting of allogeneic or autologous HSPCs. HSPCs are usually present in bone marrow (BM) during the entire life, in cord blood (CB) at birth, or in peripheral blood (PB) under particular circumstances such as grafts like what Nellie, the singer, sister Jackie needed and I was compatible but could not do due to me becoming sick by helping her!  Don’t quote me and I am not a doctor but have learned quite a lot about a lot!
What you can learn by volunteering to save your own life as well as others is phenomenal and volunteering can save many lives when we learn a lot about a lot when we ask questions!  Never be afraid of asking questions and if one person can not answer keep asking and reading and researching to find out for yourself if you have to.  This is where I find researching every single thing as a kid exciting and was always told as a kid/child that I ask too many questions!
My grandmother used to tell me when they stop talking about you is when you should get worried so don’t be worried if people talk about you because you ask too many questions!
NOTE: I closed my brothers’ door during a storm when I was only about 12 or 13 and the wind pulled my whole entire arm through the door glass and my veins were sticking out and had to have surgery and stitches and have a lifetime scar!  Thank God we lived right not even a block from the hospital and had to have a blood transfusion and I truly thank God for my mother who immediately wrapped a dozen baby diapers so I would not bleed to death!

Perhaps Figuring Out What Matters Most Matters Most? by Valerie Cheers Brown

Perhaps figuring out what matters most matters most. – Valerie Cheers Brown

There is one thing that I find completely astounding about a large portion of us.

We sit around on social media and call and bad mouth the president who is the president, we sit around and blame the wrong things for the cause of our problems (no wonder we don’t even bother to come up with solutions because we blame wrong things which are not the cause but part of the problem and not the cause, i.e. mass gun shootings laws.

Where it counts we as a whole recognize would could it be that we have to do. We realize what will make us more joyful, what will make us more advantageous, what will enable us to develop.

We know precisely what we ought to do with our chance, with our lives.

“There is a simple step people can take to radically improve their lives. Most, however, will not do it.  Why?”

I hear many speaking about slavery as if they were there and experienced and now I do understand why it is often still spoken because since Obama signed Executive Order 13603 I am seeing so many oppressed minds, nobody thinking for themselves and loads of FEAR.

I am so happy, yet very sad that so many came out & marched even students protesting the revising or even making new gun laws but can we get people out like that for us to get unmedicated, contaminated, filled with toxins, clean water which is our human rights and deserve from our very own taps in our homes?

Is there something we can do to improve anything about some of the many things of the world needing addressing like well-being and mental health which at the present seem kind of not being addressed and what chance do our children have and is there chance for a future if we don’t fix right now?

Can we honestly say that a new gun law will stop mass shootings?

Isn’t gun control out of our control?

Also, in spite of knowing the greater part of that, we simply don’t ACT on the real CAUSE.

It just ends up something or other that we discuss, dream about and fixate on, yet it never makes it route into our world.

How miserable is that! 😐

I don’t know whether you have been there. Be that as it may, the reason I am expounding on it is on account of I have been stuck there as well and only listen to what others say and believe what the media, newspapers, and social media say, so I decided to write about and maybe just one will read and pass the word along.

All the more frequently that I set out to concede I will write about it.   I started to see how it was a huge and an extremely regular issue for many individuals who actually do read what I write and God is my messenger and He gives to me what to write.

I have expounded on a big thing that is in charge of us stalling out that horrible circle of inaction and dawdling. You may identify with FEAR. It’s an ideal opportunity to conquer this deadly disease which is crippling our world right now.

We need God and God give you FAITH and when you have faith you BELIEVE and believing allows you not to be afraid and fear is cured.

We have too much FEAR and not enough FAITH in God being in control of every single thing occurring both good and bad.

How do we begin to overcome this fear?

I ask that we as a nation of people come together and begin acknowledging our well-being and address improvements on eating, being happy and living long lives.  Health which should be the priority thing we live for talking about in our households, schools, churches, colleges, etc..  When we have a country full of happy and healthy people with good health statistics we will have a country with possibly less crime, lower infant mortality rates, lower death mortality rates, less suicide, etc. which we can look forward to a good outcome for a healthier future full of positive stories on how we healed ourselves with food as medicine and believing that there is a higher being who is in control every single thing we think, see and do even before we do it or it even happens!

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that really matter. Martin Luther 1483-1546

Tracing A Problem To Its Origin by Valerie Cheers Brown

Isn’t tracing a problem to its origin important? Don’t we first have to define the problem in order to get to the origin to get a solution?

Don’t we first have to address that we have a problem and could we not use the root cause analysis?

In medication, it’s straightforward the contrast between treating the side effects and curing the condition (at any rate we would trust). A broken wrist, for instance, truly stings! Be that as it may, painkillers (as per therapeutic culture) will just take away the indications; however wouldn’t you require an alternate treatment to enable your unresolved issues appropriately?

Be that as it may, what do you do when you have an issue at work? Do you hop straight in and treat the side effects, or do you stop to consider whether there’s really a more profound issue that needs your consideration? In the event that you just fix the side effects – what you see at first glance – the issue will probably return, and need settling over, and over once more.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you watch further to make sense of what’s causing the issue, you can settle the hidden frameworks and procedures with the goal that it leaves for good.

As indicated by the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a well known and frequently utilized procedure that enables individuals to answer the topic of why the issue happened in any case. It tries to distinguish the birthplace of an issue utilizing a particular arrangement of ventures, with related instruments, to locate the essential driver of the issue, so you can:

  1. Figure out what happened.
  2. Decide why it happened.
  3. Make sense of what to do to decrease the probability that it will happen again.

RCA expect that frameworks and occasions are interrelated. An activity in one region triggers an action in one more and again, et cetera. By following back these activities, you can find where the issue began and how it developed into the manifestation you’re presently confronting.

You’ll, for the most part, discover three essential sorts of causes:

Physical causes – Tangible, material things bombed somehow (for instance, an auto’s brakes quit working).

Human causes – People accomplished something incorrectly, or did not accomplish something that was required. Human causes ordinarily prompt physical causes (for instance, nobody filled the brake liquid, which prompted the brakes falling flat).

Hierarchical causes – A framework, process, or strategy that individuals use to settle on choices or do their work is defective (for instance, nobody individual was in charge of vehicle support, and everybody expected another person had filled the brake liquid).

RCA takes a look at all three sorts of causes. It includes researching the examples of negative impacts, finding shrouded imperfections in the framework, and finding particular activities that added to the issue. This regularly implies RCA uncovers in excess of one underlying driver.

Shouldn’t we apply RCA’s concept to say for example the mass shooting circumstances? Deciding how far to go for your finding cause.

Finally, “RCA looks at all three types of causes. It involves investigating the patterns of negative effects, finding hidden flaws in the system, and discovering specific actions that contributed to the problem. This often means that RCA reveals more than one root cause.”

What are we in this country waiting for and why are we still blaming gun laws, when clearly yes, gun laws when purchasing, could be better but isn’t the cause of why that guns trigger is being pulled more important than how or why they have the gun? Yes, I understand that how they are getting the guns is important but don’t you think that this is out of our control?  Couldn’t a gun be bought from the trunk of a person selling them?  How are the guns getting into the country could be a question, wouldn’t you think? Or, better still how the guns getting into the hands of such young people?  Do you really have to buy a gun to be a part of a mass shooting?  Will stricter gun laws make the mass shootings stop?   Shouldn’t we be addressing the root causes to get to the real problem which if addressed there would be no more mass shootings??

If we get to the root cause of the problem can we for once be praised for mass shootings no longer happening in the United States!


  • Why does the U.S. have the most mass shootings?
  • How are guns coming into our societies and neighborhoods and how and who is bringing them in?
  • Why do Americans suffer from mental disorders more than anyone else in the world?
  • Did you know that having disability places you in the world’s largest minority group?
  • Were you born between 1938 -1971?  
  • Have you researched the Diethylstilbestrol DES and psychological health studies lately?
  • Are we living in a society which is impacted of prenatal exposure to diethylstilbestrol DES exposure and psychiatric disorders in adolescence/adulthood?
  • Is the 2017 Disability Statistics Annual Report accurate?
  • Is there a misconception about vaccines and if you are healthy and then become sick why is anybody having any questions or even exposing yourself and your children to them?
  • Why doesn’t the U.S. government track death rates for every drug?  
  • Why is the opioid overdose death rate so high in the United States?  
  • Why is cannabis still illegal in most of the United States when it is healing and actually curing diseases?
  • Why is chemotherapy still a choice of treatment for cancer?
  • Why isn’t cannabis being used to replace drugs which are killing?
  • Why are we as citizens of the United States still allowing the same manmade treatments which clearly are not helping to be apart of the medical society protocol?
  • When it comes to mass shootings wouldn’t it be sensible to use dogs to stop these shootings from even beginning let alone continue happening?
  • When are we the people of this country going to make a difference for all people and all living things of this world to be protected?

Can anybody answer at least one of these questions if not more?