It’s Time To Break the Cycle by Valerie Cheers Brown

It’s Not Just About Praising It’s About Purpose!

I know such a significant number of individuals who adulate at church and return home and won’t address you! It isn’t just about lauding. It is about the reason or the purpose God has you here on this planet! So be it!!!

At the point when God expels somebody from our lives, possibly this is on the grounds that He realizes that they’re harmful to us. God knows will’s identity an awful impact and recognizes what inconvenience this may bring, so God, in His shrewdness, expels somebody that we won’t understand is dragging us down… possibly into evil practices.

In the event that you knew something wasn’t right with your auto, you’d likely bring it into a technician and have them look it over, so God now and then investigates our circumstance and realizes that we are some of the time happier without somebody, so God just expels them from our lives. Keep in mind in the main passage? God expelled me from my former sweetheart’s life since I was not close enough to Him and furthermore underestimated HIM.

I can say for sure that when you got God, you got POWER! I can say for sure, that when you sit still and WAIT on God everything is already alright because He will start shaking things out of your life. I can say for sure it does not make any difference who likes you and it isn’t even important anymore. God got you! Amen

What God has for you is for you and you will feel His power everywhere you go. You will feel His power in whatever you do when you are working your PURPOSE!  You will feel His power in everything you say.   You will begin to feel Him shining HIS light on you which is so hot preparing you for all the light soon to be your life. Amen, Even if you have been attacked, disrespected, He will wipe those tears and dries them away and let you know everything is already alright!

You will thank God for the stuff you had to fight!!!!! It makes you realize it is just what it is “Stuff!” You will thank Him for the people who He blocked out of your life.  You will begin to thank Him for those who turn on you.  It is one thing to have an enemy but for somebody to turn on you is about the most worse ever! But with God, it doesn’t even matter because you realize it is part of His plan from Daniel 3:17 If this be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of your hand, O king.

You will begin to thank Him for everybody who turned their back on you and you will thank Him because you fought the fight but you can’t take anymore!  God is training you for a lifelong fight and God is setting you up and all doors begin to close preparing you for the greater purpose realizing and discovering yourself.

And all after all this is said and done you begin to lift yourself up and don’t depend on anybody else.  You will begin getting yourself out of the messes if you have to dig with your hands!

You will begin dancing and you will realize that you don’t need nobody else’s help and you begin to help yourself because you get tired of the messes and it is time to stop being sick and tired of sick and tired!

God may expel somebody from your life with a specific end goal to bring another person in. Truth is stranger than fiction! Here and there, individuals can rule a relationship. They may be individuals who have plenty of necessities, and a couple of individuals I have directed have disclosed to me that they are being utilized, and they, at last, had enough. They couldn’t proceed with the relationship since it was dependably a restricted road, so when that individual leaves, appeal to God for somebody that will enable you to develop as a man and in the confidence.

It is time to break the cycle to work YOUR purpose!

It’s Not Just About Praising It’s About Purpose!




Thinking is For Thinkers by Valerie Cheers

“Just the word ‘quiz’ or ‘test’ freaks me totally out!” – Valerie Cheers Brown

The baseball Cardinal season will begin soon in April and we had our orientation last night and part of the finishing part of the orientation before you can actually begin the new season was to take an online “New 4 Key Elements of Service Delivery quiz.

We were told the quiz would take about 15 to 20 minutes.’

Now, I still cannot believe how fast I got done with and being dyslexic, I still don’t know how come I completed and was awarded a certificate afterward showing I had successfully completed! 😉 lol   I did not print the certificate out but I had to complete the quiz in order to report to work on April 5, 2018!

They asked if you had a Smartphone and told everybody who had one accept me cause I was not taking nor using a phone to take a quiz on how to set up for it.  For those of us who did not have them or not using them, they gave tablets.  Well, wouldn’t you know it they ran out of tablets when it came to me.  So Megan, told me to go to the office and use one of the computers in there, so I went! I logged on per the paper they had given us and away I went and I was nervous but once I got into it I was like, “Are you kidding and this is like writing a blog!”

I finished and the first one I was a bit confused but I got the hang of it and aced that baby and got done!  Before I knew it I had completed the quiz?  I said, “I believe I am done and is that it?” I was told, “That is it Val!”

Everyone in the room looked up at me and said you are already done Val? I looked quite amazed, yet very happy at myself and said, “yes!”

“I still think my test was shorter than the rest or something and it was just too easy,” I thought?

I finished and went back to the other room where the people who were struggling with their “Smartphones” and help others who could not get past the questions and they were all different situations so I was not helping them cheat or anything! lol

At the end I figured out why I finished so fast and it was the kind of customer service situations which made you think before picking the best answer or way to handle a customer but it would not let you go on to the next question until you got that one right.  In other words everybody passed if you got through the questions.  I know it did not take a rocket scientist to pass but after I finished it made me appreciate first realizing that when you treat customers the way you want to be treated it is a piece of cake to take this quiz.  Second, I am a thinker and it did take some thinking to get to the next question before answering that question.

I was proud of myself for taking the quiz and when told I had to take a test, I freaked out thinking oh no a test and on the computer! 😉 lol

I was just thinking that maybe tests should be devised like this where it will not mark  you wrong but would allow you to think about the right way to handle a situation before moving you on to the next question kind of test.  We need more thinkers in our society and this kind of test would help you to think before you choose and if not right will really make you think for yourself.

I was just thinking would a test of this sort qualify to be a new way of testing our kids in elementary and middle schools and adults in college?

Just thoughts and this was a time I was certainly happy to be a thinker and with me loving serving  and knowing that the right way is to treat all people the way I want to be treated so it was easy for me and I did all that worrying for nothing! 😉

I still wonder about that test though? I was timed and it took me less than 10 minutes? lol

Oh by the way, I had my Smartphone but I decided to be the smart one who chose to use a computer instead of a doggone phone which to me is not smart at all! lol

Without a Doubt by Valerie Cheers Brown

Why are studies being done outside the U.S. showing unvaccinated children healthier than vaccinated children?  Well, I say thank you to those brave difference makers!

Note: Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier Than Their Vaccinated Peers.
Why Don’t Americans Use Human Studies?
Studies in New Zealand, Germany, and Hong Kong demonstrate confirm that unvaccinated kids are really healthier at that point of immunized or vaccinated kids, yet the United States declines to do such examinations or studies using humans. In September 2011, German analysts completed a longitudinal report where they reviewed a sum of 8000 unvaccinated youngsters from the ages of 0-19 years of age. The outcomes demonstrated that inoculated kids were up to five times more inclined to experience the  ill effects of an assortment of  diseases and disorders than unvaccinated children. As indicated by Vaccine Choice Canada, an across the nation study of 635 youngsters demonstrated that amid the initial five years of life, immunized kids versus unvaccinated kids appeared no less than twice the same number of occurrences of anti-infection utilize, rheumatic grievances, loss of awareness, shakings/crumple, ear contaminations, febrile writhings, irritation, crying spells enduring all the more then 3 hours, and forceful conduct that was astoundingly  higher in the vaccinated group.
 Prescriptions for Controlled Substances to Medicare Patients is on the Rise?

Indeed, even as the abuse and misuse of professionally prescribed medications has raised and the national crackdown on it has happened, new information proposes that doctors are recommending much bigger quantities of medicines for the most strong controlled substances to Medicare patients.


Does this make sense?

What’s more, alongside the expansion in the quantity of medicines composed, doctors are under expanded examination, and also confronting disciplinary activity. Twelve of Medicare’s best 20 prescribers of Schedule 2 prescription drugs (those that incorporate effective opiate painkillers and stimulants with the most astounding potential for mishandle and reliance) have confronted disciplinary activities by their state restorative sheets or criminal allegations identified with their therapeutic practices.

The latest year for which information is accessible, 2012, Medicare secured about 27 million remedies for Schedule 2 controlled substances. Inside the previous year, Medicare has begun to utilize recommending information to recognize conceivably hazardous specialists, as have some state medicinal sheets too. Starting in mid-2015, Medicare will have the expert to show specialists out of the program on the off chance that they endorse in harsh ways.

Be that as it may, Do Vaccines Work?

The individuals who are against immunizations can rapidly point to the yearly influenza antibodies as proof that immunizations don’t work. In actuality, a few examinations have turned out as of late that demonstrate that influenza immunization can really make an individual more broken down than if they didn’t get the antibody. Why? Since the specific viral strain that researchers utilize while making the antibody is quite often off-base. In the event that the viral strain that they “figure” will be circumventing this season isn’t right, one is fundamentally just eagerly infusing themselves with infection.

Presently here’s a contention that one will regularly hear: “Yet in the event that it weren’t for immunizations, regardless we’d have polio!” or “despite everything we’d have measles!” or some other number of illnesses that, while once wild, have now fundamentally end up wiped out in third world  countries. It’s imperative for individuals to consider the way that these irresistible diseases were on the decay before immunizations were presented. Ostensibly antibodies had close to nothing or nothing to do with the vanishing or lessening of the illness; the viral or bacterial contamination had run its course and was en route out the entryway before immunizations had even been presented.

Bottom Line
Vaccines are “unavoidably dangerous” and contain “unavoidable” infections/viruses, phages (infections that contaminate microscopic organisms), and contaminants. No other drug or medical product is likewise even manufactured– if contaminants are found in them, the item is reviewed and recalled. The FDA even reviews and recalls FOOD when contaminants are found.
Note: Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Far Healthier Than Their Vaccinated Peers.

Which Route Will You Take? by Valerie Cheers Brown

The day the world realizes that marijuana is not a drug and is a flower will be the day Mother Nature gets her due respect that what comes from her is not illegal because it cures all illnesses and helps the pain with no deadly side effects and is effective. – Valerie Cheers Brown

Science News Studies can bad mouth ‘Marijuana’ all they want but I bet you can’t find not one single study showing anybody has died from?

I found a summary source from the University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry February 15, 2018 stating: “A new medical guideline rule proposes Canada’s family doctors should take a calm apprehension before recommending medicinal cannabis to generally most of their patients.”  This summary in laymen term states that Canada’s family doctors might want to take a second thought before prescribing to their patients medical cannabis.

Now, according to a new study I found in the Patient News Network dated February 13, 2018, by Israeli researchers it states and was found that many patients using medical marijuana has helped with pain while also decreasing the use of opioid medication to the elderly.

“We found medical cannabis treatment significantly relieves pain and improves quality of life for seniors with minimal side effects reported,” said Victor Novack, MD, a professor of medicine at BGU and head of the Soroka Cannabis Clinical Research Institute.

“While more established patients speak to a vast and developing populace of restorative cannabis clients, few examinations have tended to how it influences this specific gathering, which likewise experiences dementia, visit falls, portability issues, and hearing and visual disabilities.”

The overview found that about one out of five patients quit utilizing opioid prescription or diminished their measurement. The discoveries are inconsistent with a current report by the RAND Corporation, which found that restorative weed laws in the U.S. have not decreased interest for solution opioids.

Restorative cannabis has been legitimate in Israel since the mid 1990s. Israel’s Ministry of Health still thinks about cannabis as a “perilous medication,” yet includes “there is prove that cannabis could help patients experiencing certain medicinal conditions and ease their misery.”

A current review found around 27 percent of Israeli grown-ups have utilized cannabis in the previous year, one of the most noteworthy rates in the world.

Just my thoughts: If you ask me, “They should change the definition of the word ‘STUDY’ to the devotion of time and attention to acquiring knowledge on an academic subject, especially human study!”

Let us take a look at the word, “SCIENCE” and you will find the definition as: “The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”

We are human beings and why use rodents or mammals for studies?

I believe it was Carl Sagan who stated and don’t quote me, Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former. The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. Science is a beautiful gift to humanity; we should not distort it.”

Would it not take common sense to realize that science and their research studies can’t find out about the human mind or brain from monkeys, rats and mice?  Quite a bit of neuroscience look into spending and distributed yield identifies with considers done in rats, mice and monkeys. The aftereffects of these are by and large displayed as all around illustrative of cerebrum work crosswise over species.

I love science and especially earth science and how we can tell a lot about the rock formations which remain today, i.e. Highway I-44 in Saint Louis, Mo going toward Six-Flags in Eureka, MO. which shows you that that area was once under water I find very interesting.

“Scientific knowledge allows us to develop new technologies, solve practical problems, and make informed decisions — both individually and collectively. Because its products are so useful, the process of science is intertwined with those applications: New scientific knowledge may lead to new applications. ”

I do understand that the mammalian brains may bear some structural and functional similarities, however they are not human when you get through studying and how will we ever be able to come up with ways to actually HEAL let alone CURE any disease?

In my opinion, no wonder we never come to conclusive findings of human cures of healing when using monkeys or mice and I do believe it is genuinely & pure inhumane cruelty to those poor mammals and rodents if you ask me using them as guinea pigs and even more cruelty using humans as guinea pigs using prescription medication with all of those side effects when the patient is already ill or sick isn’t it?

What I do find most amazing is how the pharmaceutical industry uses us as guinea pigs when it comes to all of the prescription drugs with all side effects! Why?

Why do side effects of drugs occur?

I asked this question of Google and this is what I found: Not all side effects are bad, but adverse effects can occur with some medication. The other substance may increase or reduce the effect of a drug. Sometimes it may cause a completely different action to occur. Drug-drug interactions happen when two drugs interact. “March 2017 post

So, we go right back to this world needing more studies using human studies and not mammals or rodents suggesting that cannabis may have a place in dealing with addiction.   Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we would decrease the use and overdose of opioid pain medication in this world?  Wouldn’t it be great if we would admit that we have a problem in this country with over prescribing pain medication, therefore it would be beneficial if we could see some pretty dramatic and drastic public health benefits with the use of medical cannabis? If we use something which has little if no side effect accept maybe dry mouth or some dizziness as a replacement for opioid medications or to actually get people of of opioids or cut back would this not be a great accomplishment in the medical world and people’s well-being?

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My To-Be List by Valerie Cheers Brown

I chose to compose a To-Be List rather than a To-Do List, for today.  It looks something like this!

Today, I will be:


A person who seeks reasons to smile and laugh
Faithful in trusting God
A person who simply wants to be
Faithful in trusting God


In the event that I rehashed one, I require and truly am work in progress on that one! 😉

The nature of your life is dictated by your identity, not by what you achieve. We are, all things considered, people and not human doings.

We should base the estimation of our day on that little piece of shrewdness and live appropriately. Simply be!

Tonight, when I crumple into bed I will make an effort not to consider the things I did or did not achieve today. Rather, I will review the sort of individual I was and am to be today by doing my To-Be list. What’s more, I’ll implore that God gives me the resolve to set out to concentrate less on what I am called to DO and more on what I am called to BE.

Have you done your list and what about you? What’s on your To-Be List?

Uplifting News – Life is Not Perfect! by Valerie Cheers Brown

Life isn’t perfect!! Just think about it, there would be no need for love if perfection were possible would it?  Just think about it there would be no REAL beauty without some slight imperfections would there?

In Japan, broken objects are OFTEN repaired with GOLD. The flaw is SEEN as a UNIQUE PIECE of the object’s history, which adds to its BEAUTY. Consider this when you feel broken.

It never has been and it never will be a perfect anything!  Be that as it may, this can be uplifting news. It implies we can quit seeking after the magical, culminate life. It implies we can quit pursuing the perfect skin, the perfect weight, the perfect hair, the perfect man, the perfect woman, the ideal occupation, the ideal house, or the ideal life partner. It implies we can discover flexibility to live inside our blemishes.

I realized very young that from my mistakes I could learn from and keep on practicing and practice does not make perfect but it does make you more knowledgeable because you had the guts to keep moving with mistakes and all and you never gave up whether anybody liked or loved as long as you liked what you were doing!  As the time goes on with mistakes we tend to get better at our craft but this does not mean that we stop learning.  Learning comes from mistakes so for you perfect people out there who never make mistakes, ‘keep on living!’ 😉

I did often wonder why people and teachers would always tell that lie, “Practice makes perfect?” A very not good thing to encourage to a kid who believes if they do not get perfect something is wrong with them, huh?

Indeed, the sooner we understand that flawlessness isn’t accessible to us in this world, the sooner we can start living better lives as a result of the defects and many imperfect mistakes. Consider what the continuous nearness of our defect implies. It implies…

We can at long last quit pursuing joy in flawlessness. Bliss isn’t a comment achieved while everything around is impeccable—it can’t be. Rather, it implies we can discover satisfaction and bliss and euphoria even amidst imperfection. I love this quote, “Peace is not the absence of chaos. Peace is the refuge in the midst of it.” I feel perfection is the same and don’t we get stronger through our storms and not being perfect. Can you imagine how boring it must be for a person who believes that they are perfect? What do they have to look forward to?

Furthermore, when we start to acknowledge joy is completely accessible to us today paying little heed to our situation, the better our odds happen to discovering it. If it you missed it then, eventually if you keep going and never give up you will get it and it is a beautiful challenge getting something that you first did not understand and still have the courage to attempt it even when don’t know what the hell you are doing isn’t it? How will you know if you don’t try new and challenging things? Isn’t the only way to find out is by actually ‘Just doing it?’

We can identify with each other in our shortcoming. When we completely comprehend that all individuals are flawed by nature, we can quit imagining that we have everything in perfect order. I am blemished and you are flawed. So how about we quit imagining that we aren’t. Rather, how about we start living credible, powerless lives with another. For it is in our shortcoming that we locate our most prominent shared trait and group.

We can completely concede that we require help and it is a wonderful thing asking for help if you need it. In light of our blemishes, we as a whole have dazzle spots– propensities that ceaselessly trip us up regularly without taking note. These shortcomings and inadequacies are regularly observed by others—other people who can enable us to beat them. Be that as it may, not until the point that we supplant our pride with quietude and look for the assistance of others will we not grow and gain knowledge and acquire wisdom.

We can figure out how to become through our defect. We make flaws our worker by gaining from it. We as a whole live with past lament. What’s more, our past will dependably characterize our past, yet it doesn’t have to characterize our present. When we start to acknowledge and perceive our shortcomings, we set ourselves in place to start gaining from them.

We can dependably work to improve things. This world is flawed. Furthermore, as long as it is possessed by defective people, it will keep on being. This acknowledgment should goad us on to help improve this world and not just sit gazing at the television and chatting about it. Because the world needs our administration, as well as in light of the fact that we do too we can learn a lot by helping others. Personally, I found that helping others helps me!

We can better welcome the great we see around us. The peaks are high in light of the fact that the valleys are low. Without distress there is no euphoria. Flaw conveys excellence to the great. Furthermore, on the grounds that we know life is blemished, best case scenario, we can discover much more prominent delight in the little snapshots of triumph.

Life isn’t flawless, however it goes on. What’s more, when we figure out how to completely grasp the two its magnificence and its shortcoming, we make the chance to live successful in both.

There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your IMPERFECTIONS. – Valerie Cheers Brown

Artwork by Brene Brown

Dogs & Their Noses Can Save the World by Valerie Cheers Brown

It’s often said that a puppy or dog is a man’s best friend or we will say close companion. Dogs are smarter than people give them credit for just like children and their sense of smell is overwhelmingly amazing and they can and will let you know if a person is bad before they do anything to you. We just got to begin to pay attention.  Even if they bark they are letting their owners know somebody is either walking by or near by where they can see them.  God gives to each living thing a purpose and I do believe man’s best friend is for protecting this world if only we will allow them and stop abusing them!

Don’t you think after everything which is happening with all of the mass shootings that maybe God has given them the purpose to be a companion or best friend to society for securing and helping a circumstance before it happens in our schools?

In any case, society claims that dogs are greatly valuable with regards to wrongdoing aversion one would not trust it with regards to where they can be useful to every one of us. I have dependably accepted alongside numerous others that we require puppies or dogs in our schools. The inquiry is, what are we sitting tight waiting for?

It’s all in the nose of man’s best friend. A pooch’s nose as society accepts can take after the fragrance or scent of a person yet what the puppy’s nose is extremely touchy too is gunpowder and regardless of whether a weapon was simply purchased they are constantly shot after being made and before they are sold to ensure that they work and canines can detect this sense of gunpowder.

Contrasted with man’s best friend, our feeling of keeping something from starting, for example, the mass shootings which are persistently happening isn’t being focused on. They are being focused on and it would appear everyone needs to point the finger at weapons for the issues of mass shootings, yet firearms don’t shoot individuals, however individuals shoot firearms?

In the consistently developing universe of police canine utilization, it has turned out to be well known to discover extra approaches to put the remarkable aroma location capacities of the puppy to utilize however would we say we are truly putting their God offered abilities or God given purpose to use for securing our schools?

Police all over the world routinely utilize canines to find opiates, bombs, etc. and for following people yet shouldn’t something be said about keeping something from beginning?

Law authorization has additionally extended the utilization of pooches into regions of horticulture, fish and untamed life, and even wireless identification in jail, to give some examples novel purposes yet for what reason not schools?

I continue making this inquiry since it doesn’t appear to click that we are the problem of our own issues when God has allotted each and everybody of a purpose even before they are born and man’s best friend’s purpose is to secure in light of their sharp feeling and sense of smell before it happens! Is it accurate to say that it isn’t more essential that a circumstance not be turned into an issue? Are we addressing what can be done even before a problem turns into a situation in this country? Are or we just going to keep blaming new gun laws be put into place? Yes, I do believe that we need to tighten security when it comes to who purchases guns, but in reality, can we really do this? Just as those minors who purchase cigarettes or even liquor get a hold of fake ID don’t they?

One of the most current patterns that has as of late surfaced and is winding up more broadly acknowledged the nation over is the utilization of an all around prepared canine accomplice to distinguish guns however for what reason not in our schools the country over?

I found an article which features the legitimate and functional issues and utilization of this profitable asset of puppies and their motivation as indicated by man. These are only a couple of which I will impart to you:

Weapon Searches and Probable Cause

It’s a given that a weapon pooch is just an investigative apparatus to find a thing. The essential ownership of a gun, all by itself, isn’t illicit in essence, similar to opiates. Contingent on the laws of each state, firearms might be had legitimately by nationals from multiple points of view. Along these lines, the sending of a very much prepared firearm pooch won’t really give law implementation reasonable justification to seek, since ownership of a weapon isn’t, under general conditions, illicit.

Article Searches

The most widely recognized utilization of a weapon canine that instantly rings a bell is the article seek.

Illustration: an equipped theft suspect is free to move around at will and was seen — while running from the police — disposing of a protest in a field or over a fence, before being arrested.

Utilization of a Gun Dog During a Search Warrant

The utilization of a medication canine amid the execution of an opiates court order bodes well. The judge has discovered “reasonable justification” that medications would be available at a specific area and a medication canine’s ability to recognize and pinpoint sedate smell is a significant apparatus in discovering drugs in novel concealing spots that may customarily be neglected ignored.

The pooch’s nose is an instrument that identifies with finding the focal point of the warrant “Medications”. Shouldn’t something be said about the utilization of a firearm canine amid the execution of a medication court order? The inquiry turns out to be more hard to reply under different conditions. On the off chance that the sum total of what one has is a standard controlled purchase of cocaine and that’s it, the appropriate response would need to be “no”. Law authorization is just permitted or approved by the judge to search for the things for which reasonable justification has been demonstrated. In the case over, the thing being referred to would just be cocaine. How might a firearm canine guide you in discovering cocaine? It wouldn’t.

I found in a considerable lot of these legitimate alleged practices that men truly trust pooches can just do what they say and I think that its really exasperating that they absolutely overlook why God provides for every one of us a reason in this world!

Posse or Homicide Search Warrants

Another supportive region for the useful utilization of a weapon canine would be amid the execution of a court order in an area that a fierce pack in the city utilizes as a slump house. For whatever length of time that the police can relate the house to fierce pack movement and those individuals living at the habitation to be sought have some firearm history, the police stand a decent opportunity to persuade the judge to enable them to search for weapons which would identify with a drive-by shooting that law implementation knows was conferred by a specific group.

Assent Searches

Important data goes over the work area of law requirement consistently, and now and then that data identifies with finding a murder weapon put away or covered up at an outsider’s home or condo. Once in a while, time is of the quintessence and data should be followed up on rapidly—more rapidly than a court order can be acquired. Or then again the data accumulated by law requirement does not give enough detail to set up reasonable justification for a court order.

Probation and Parole Sweeps

Police are frequently called upon by probation or probation officers to help them in an authoritative hunt of a litigant’s home. Cops should check with their nearby purview however most regions of the nation don’t enable probationers to have guns, or even live in a place where there is access to guns (regardless of whether they have a place with a parent or a flat mate). Weapon canines finding a gun or even just ammo could empower law authorization to seek after an infringement of probation or parole in court, and prompt finding the probationer disregarding his supervision.

It is plain to see from the different cases over, a weapon pooch could be another and significant asset to any police office, particularly a dynamic urban office or a sheriff’s office in charge of an expansive region of the state.

Do you or hear anywhere on the news anything about dogs being able to even smell cancer and they can smell an illness before it becomes a disease too? I think not!

I will be doing some big research with findings concentrating on why dogs should be in schools protecting our kids and babies! You can check for yourself and see just how valuable man’s best friend really is for this world!

God gave to each and every single one of us a purpose for this world and if you do not believe this then you don’t believe in God. We have got to give honor and respect to God and stop all this negative news repeatedly happening over and over again and all people are doing is complaining and blaming wrong things for their occurence, yet people are still be killed!

In conclusion I discover it very irritating that not once did I discover it specified where puppies can be a valuable insurance for our kids and anyone who goes to class be it school or grade schools! I did discover some K-9 mutts that were being prepared for sniffing explosive however simply after they have been shot by the culprit and after that would it say it isn’t past the point of no return?

Would it be able to be we would prefer not to utilize canines since they are so shrewd and they can notice what we don’t? I simply ponder what is the reason we are not utilizing mutts to shield our schools from mass shootings? I found an article which expresses that puppies can sniff loads of things, for example, cash, drugs (however what is illicit medications as indicated by man)? Canines can sniff explosives, even blame!

The utilization of dogs, in any case, isn’t without its disadvantages as we have seen – both in the activity of forces by the state and the precision of the outcomes gave. In any case, the utilization of puppies or dogs works so well (especially as an impediment) — so they are probably not going to leave at any point in the near future.  It is up to we the people to make a change and difference and if you raise your children up as babies with dogs and they begin school, why not have that dog go with your child to school so to speak?  It has gotten just that bad where we the people should insist our dogs be with our children even in our schools.  Is anybody up for the challenge of your dog going to school with your child.  One dog will heard and all we need is one good dog in each school and they can smell things before they occur if we only give them the chance to protect us in the way God made them with a purpose!