A Problem, Cause(s) & Solution(s) by Valerie Cheers Brown

I dedicate this blog to my sister, Kathy and anybody else who has a lost a loved one due to cancer cures!

What is the problem, cause (s) & solution (s) mean?

The problem-cause/process-solution approach will first describe the problem, then analyze the cause or responses to the problem, and then will lead to a solution.

The problem is that way too many people are still dying unnecessarily from MAN’s cancer cures.  The cause is what you are about to read in this transcript put into my own words.  The solution is history and why isn’t it being taken seriously in helping us to find a cure for cancer yet?

Eradicate carcinogenic tumors like they

never existed in any case…

reestablishing your ideal wellbeing…

In each cell in your body are structures called “mitochondria.”

Mitochondria resemble minor motors in your cells…

… basically, they turn the oxygen you inhale and the nourishment you eat into the vitality that powers your cells.

In any event, that is the means by which a sound cell works.

Be that as it may, through his examinations, Otto Warburg got the hang of something GROUNDBREAKING…

He discovered that some mitochondria don’t work a similar way…

In a portion of your cells, the mitochondria – the little “vitality motors” of your body – begin to botch up.

Basically, they break… they quit working the correct way.

And afterward those “broken mitochondria” accomplish something intriguing…

They STOP utilizing oxygen as their principle “fuel” to make vitality.

Probably not. Rather they utilize glucose – a type of sugar – to make vitality in a totally extraordinary manner.

However, that is a BAD thing!

Creating vitality from just glucose, nothing else isn’t the manner by which your cells should work…

Also, it causes a wide range of issues with the mitochondria in those cells.

The fouled up cells are fundamentally starved for vitality and they start to “glitch”…

At times, they begin to partition once again and over once more… a great many circumstances… into a gigantic mass of changed, broken cells…

At the end of the day… they create a TUMOR.

Researchers call this “mitochondrial brokenness“… and it straightforwardly prompts uncontrolled tumor development…

What’s more, Dr. Warburg’s tests demonstrated that is the manner by which growth… ALL CANCER… begins.

Isn’t the cause the most important needed means for which we can cure and actually heal all CANCER? 

Isn’t the CAUSE needed to solve any problem? 

Isn’t this the breakthrough we have needed for so long?

If we now know this why isn’t anybody paying attention and isn’t more research actually needed and why are we still using rats instead of human people who have cancer?

Presently, there are numerous reasons why mitochondrial brokenness can happen… it could be hereditary or it can be caused by auxiliary sources like smoking or introduction to poisons.

Be that as it may, regardless of the reason… once your mitochondria begin “consuming just sugar” your cells are in obvious peril of transforming into destructive tumors.

This word, “Mitochondrial,” oh how I love hearing this word and it sounds very familiar and seems that Dr. Teri Wahl’s healed her own while feeding the mitochondria with Paleo food (hunter-gatherers food) after doctors told her there was nothing else that could be done to cure her Multiple Sclerosis (MS)!

What exacerbates it even is this: Normally, your body’s safe framework would perceive harmed or broken cells – like disease cells – and devastate them.

That procedure is known as apoptosis – or what researchers call “cell suicide.” at the end of the day…

Your body really tells “harmed”

cells to self-destruct.

The issue is, that critical procedure requires your mitochondria – and on account of the “mitochondrial brokenness” I said, it doesn’t occur in malignancy cells.

So growth cells proceed to duplicate… and tumors become crazy.

NOTE: Also, you know whatever is left of that story… singing radiation, obliterating chemotherapy, deforming medical procedure…

Also, dreadfully frequently… passing.

Actually, in spite of the considerable number of “propels” of present-day prescription, we’ve gained almost no ground in enhancing growth death rates.

Actually… disease will probably slaughter in excess of 600,000 Americans this year.

What number of individuals do you know who lost their fight against this fatal illness? Extremely many… we as a whole do.

What’s more, in light of ebb and flow patterns, the tumor will before long pass coronary illness as the main source of death in America.

In 22 expresses, it’s as of now the main executioner.

What’s more, in all actuality, “present day prescription” has NO Clue how to cure tumor once it begins…

They’re totally confused!!!!!!

Thus growth patients confront an appalling eventual fate of chemotherapy, radiation and medical procedure… before they bite the dust.

In any case, now, it WON’T be that route for you… or your family.

Since in Dr. Warburg’s archives is something different. Something of unimaginable esteem.

An approach to really stop the growth

cells in their tracks.

He found a straightforward strategy that cuts off the “fuel supply” to growth cells… so the harmful cells kick the bucket… tumors become scarce and contract…

Also, entirely soon a stunned oncologist will state, “I simply don’t trust it. Your disease has DISAPPEARED.”

However, perhaps you’re asking… How would I know for beyond any doubt it REALLY works? That’s an awesome inquiry…

All things considered, logical strategies in the 1940s were to some degree crude contrasted with the present advances…

Gratefully, top researchers have as of late tried Dr. Warburg’s strategy. With astounding outcomes…

In the first place, the Warburg Method was confirmed by a splendid Johns Hopkins scientist named Pete Pedersen…

Pedersen utilized progressed infinitesimal imaging – an innovation Otto Warburg could just have longed for…

… to demonstrate that malignancy cells have FAR FEWER appropriately working mitochondria than consistent cells.

Present day science currently affirms it: Warburg was CORRECT about “mitochondrial blunders” being straightforwardly connected to malignancy.

Be that as it may, there’s increasing… Another Johns Hopkins researcher really tried the Warburg Method against growth…

Shee gave 19 dangerous rats an extraordinary, nontoxic treatment that “close off” the sugar supply to disease cells.

What’s more, wouldn’t you know it…

The greater part of the rats was CURED and

went ahead to have ordinary life expectancies.

That is a fantastic outcome… finish reduction of their disease.

Yet, perhaps you’re considering… “I’m not a guinea pig.” obviously not…

So does the Warburg Method work similarly also on individuals as well?

Early outcomes are indicating… YES!

Think about the instance of Beverly R. from Toledo, OH.

Tragically, at 65 years of age, Beverly was determined to have a glioblastoma… a particularly savage kind of mind tumor.

Indeed, the “standard treatment” of chemo and radiation is relatively useless for this sort of forceful cerebrum tumor.

It’s viewed as “serious” and normal future is under a year and a half.

Things looked distressing for Beverly. She started the standard treatment, however then she accomplished something unique also…

Beverly utilized the Warburg Method.

After only 60 long periods of treatment, Beverly’s specialists completed an output of her cerebrum and discovered something surprising…

Beverly’s “hopeless” mind tumor…


Her forceful malignancy had totally vanished without a following.

It resembled a marvel.

There’s simply no inquiry in my brain… the Warburg Method is the life-sparing CANCER TREATMENT we’ve been looking for.

The “Warburg Method” is that intense… I trust it’s the ONLY evident malignancy/CANCER cure at any point found that needs to be taken seriously and AT ONCE.

“It is time for lives to be saved when we have found the CAUSE and when the CAUSE has been found there will be a SOLUTION!” – Valerie Cheers Brown

QUESTION: Isn’t the normal process of solving problems defining/finding the problem/cause you to want to solve? Would not the next step in the process be to check where we are, what is the current situation and what is involved in making it a problem? Isn’t it when you have discovered the real and actual problem that you want to solve and have investigated the climate into which the solution must fit, the next stage is to generate a number of possible solutions? Then would we not investigate even further since we have proof with evidence findings the various factors about each of the potential solutions? Could you not note the good vs the bad points and other things which are relevant to each solution? But even at this stage, you are not evaluating the solution because if you do so then you could be decided not to note the valid good points about it because overall you might think it will not work? However, you might discover that by researching even further its advantages that it has a totally unique advantage? Isn’t it true that only by discovering this might you choose to put Dr. Warburg’s findings putting the effort in to develop the idea so that it will work? – Valerie Cheers Brown


My Top Ten Rules to Success by Valerie Cheers Brown

#1  I am not self-serving. I am a good servant to God. – Nobody achieves anything beneficial on his/her own. Awesome managers center around giving the apparatuses and preparing to enable their representatives to better carry out their employment/jobs and accomplish their own particular objectives. Individuals who truly adore serving others put individuals’ needs first because they love what they do. Awesome organizations make a special effort to help and serve the clients however in the event that you need your clients to be number one you should regard your workers as the main need and the rest will be history. You will start accepting good customer experience letters, calls, etc. hearing great things about great client encounters and to me, this is absolutely critical for a fruitful organization! What’s more, subsequently, they receive the benefits. In case you’re in it just for yourself, at that point some time or another you will be just that, by yourself. In case you’re in it for others, you’ll not just make progress but success follows and others will want to be a part of your great organization.  Serving others whether you believe it or not can get you noticed and who doesn’t like to be surprised with some good news every once in awhile?
#2 I may not be the first but I will be your last- Achievement is regularly the aftereffect of diligence. When others surrender, leave, quit attempting, or trade off their standards and qualities, the last individual left is frequently the individual who wins. Other individuals might be more astute, better associated, more capable, or better supported. Be that as it may, they can’t win in the event that they aren’t around toward the end. Once in a while, it bodes well to abandon thoughts, extends, and even organizations – yet it never bodes well to abandon yourself. You can simply be the last to surrender of never giving up.
#3 I will complete one thing consistently that nobody else will do and this may mean doing many different things but doing one all the time and do not be afraid of trying new things even if they don’t make sense and if you love what you do just keep pursuing and you can only get better by being liberating to try anything.  Regardless of whether it’s basically basic don’t be afraid of trying an arena of things and if somebody offers you an opportunity even if you don’t fit the so-called protocol never be afraid of doing it anyway. Regardless of whether it’s little. Complete one thing consistently and move to something else. Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success by John Wooden says, “Remember, results aren’t the criteria for success — it’s the effort made for achievement that is most important.” “Sincerity may not help us make friends, but it will help us keep them.” Following seven days, you’ll be remarkable. Following multi-month, you’ll be exceptional. Following multi-year, you will be exceptional. Before you know it, you will have done so much you will forget what you have not tried but you did and you might find out that you had another talent you never knew you could even do!
#4  Opportunity never thumps on the door and you got to go out all the way and reach for it, go for it if you want somebody knocking on your door – You got the opportunity to trust in making your own chances happen! Opportunity never thumps on anybody’s door, it never calls, and it never comes to spend the night. On the off chance that you need a seat you got the opportunity to take it and get things stirred up and not look out for others to get it going! You are not qualified for anything throughout everyday life but rather in the event that you need it, you got the opportunity to chase to see what each open door has to offer and even if you don’t understand why it is there and it is a great chance to take a risk, just do it. When I began blogging, I did what every other person does. I found a place to have it in WordPress, and I composed the best blog entry I could. Much the same as each other blog, no one was reading it – they had no motivation to, and there are millions of bloggers and they couldn’t discover it inside the torrential slide of online journals/blogs on the Internet regardless of whether they needed to or not. Rather than sticking around, I began sending those blogs in other directions. I’m an expert blogger not as a result of the web blogs I compose, but rather due to the messages and I ask lots of questions and I have many Facebook pages and began posting them say for example on my Confidential is Beautiful Bloggers page and did not stop there and began posting them on other pages like my Tag, You’re It page, and did not stop there and began posting them even on my Music Spins the Planet Page.  I tried reaching on all of the pages I thought would reach not only music lovers but people who loved inspirational quotes, readings, and beautiful pictures.  I belong to, which last time I counted, was over 400 groups on Facebook! Even if it a page for music only don’t be afraid to change the pace and exploit by putting something which not only would be standing alone but a be the courageous one who challenges on a page which has rules which to me are for only breaking! lol
#5  Be satisfied with where you are right now – You can have all of the money in the world and still not be where you should be!  Your quality of life you live isn’t defined by what you own or how high up the ladder you have climbed. I have seen people remain on one job for the rest of their life, retired and then die! Why do something for thirty years that you hate and then expect when you retire to be glorious days because it won’t happen, it just won’t happen! I want to be able to do what I love for as long as God allows me to live and be happy doing because loving what you do is important and not retirement if it means going backward and living off of a monthly salary for the rest of your life. No, this is not what living means to me and instead of retiring, I am refiring and doing what I love until I die and able to live the way I want to for the rest of my life. No matter where you are in life, you must strive for quality experiences for those around you!  It will never matter whether you are CEO or window washer. Success is defined by how much you love what you do and how complacent you are with where you are.
#6  Respect is just not something people give to you because you are a millionaire or a poor person – I have heard all of my life that respect is earned. Are you really entitled to respect if you don’t treat people the way you want to be treated? I don’t care who you are if you throw your weight or title around on people and expect them to do as you say because of who you think you are, forget it. Respect does fall out of the sky nor does run rapidly and will never come from your title so stop expecting that it does! You have to listen to others, you must respect other’s space, respect other’s time, respect others as you would want them to respect you. Respect comes from your daily actions and the way you treat others with your smiles and attitude. People will respect that much quicker than because I am your superior you must do as I say attitude.  Treat people exactly the way you want to be treated, no more, no less! The way you want to be talked to is the way you present yourself to them. Respect is the way you express your feelings to others and does not fall out of the sky.
#7  Working hard toward success will pay off in the long run and won’t come overnight. The result comes much later.  You got to work so hard as if you are already a millionaire and you got to be so hungry that you will work every chance you get!  Have you ever heard somebody say, “If I get this promotion or new job I will work harder?” To me, this makes no sense and to get that job or promotion you must do this in the beginning.  It is like when you show a child what hard works by showing them, they will most of the time be those kinds of workers when they get on the real job and how you were trained and I don’t care what anybody says, shows when your parents show what hard work looks like by doing it in your presence!  Successful people get successes by first working hard when they are not making before they get what they deserve. Look at successful companies and do they first deliver great value before they earn higher revenue? No, and successful entrepreneurs earn bigger payoffs by first working hard before they get what they deserve and potential return is even in sight. Most people expect being compensated more before they do all the hard work but it does not work this way unless you want to live from the paycheck to paycheck kind of lifestyle.   Ever heard somebody say, “If I got a promotion, at that point I would work harder”? Or on the other hand, “If the client paid all the more, at that point I would accomplish more”? Or then again, “In the event that I thought there would be a greater result, I would forfeit more”?  Fruitful individuals gain advancements by first working harder.   The vast majority hope to be remunerated more before they will significantly think about working harder.
#8  I trust I have a place in history – A fruitful individual knows their place in line and they are self-satisfied with it. You can influence your own history in just by not fearing to defy a wide range of guidelines. With time comes memory. Individuals do recollect what you improve the situation them and your activities regardless of to what extent prior will remain history to be gone down through the ages. In the event that you comprehend your place in line or history you are set up for enormity and will be recalled dependably.
#9  If you don’t like what you are doing don’t be afraid to QUIT!
#10  If you can’t stop thinking about what you love, keep doing it!  If you can’t stop thinking about your job because you hate it, leave! There can be people on the job and I don’t care what people say, there are just some people you cannot ignore even if you try your most damn! If you get to the place you have nightmares or can’t stop thinking “If only I didn’t have to go there, you may want to reconsider keeping that job.” It is sad on every job there is the same type of people who think they know it all, follow the rules and never get anywhere or try to make you have a problem when it is them and their insecurities that you may want their job! Yes, it happens! I found out just how quickly you can make yourself sick and even depressed by talking about what they do on the job all of the time and the worst thing you can do is talk about negative things and you want to stay at your happy place and believe it or not this can come from being loved and giving love back by treating people the way you want to be treated! You can’t reach any goal by treading in that swimming pool and if you are going places you got to keep swimming and even if this means quitting to finding something you enjoy and love doing will set you on the right path. You will begin to go much further and not only go further but feel better and then you can look back and forward, giving yourself the confidence to keep swimming in that pool!
Never let anybody nor any individual, and I don’t care who they are, on any job rob you of your mental peace for you are allowing others to cause you to lose strength and how can you become successful when you have no energy?
Respect yourself enough to say, “I deserve peace,” and I deserve to walk away from people, places or things that prevent you from attaining it.

What Does Education Mean To Me? by Valerie Cheers Brown

According to the dictionary the word ‘education’ “is a demonstration or procedure of granting or obtaining general learning, building up the forces of thinking and judgment, and by and large of setting oneself up or others mentally for developing or maturing life.”

What does education mean to me? In my own opinion life, itself offers educational experiences. Each day I wake up to see another beautiful day offers a lifelong learning process. This, in my opinion, I would like to believe this lifelong learning process of education is more critical than a formal education. Commonly I’ve heard “it’s not what you know, but rather who you know.” That quote references it’s not your own particular learning that is critical, but rather adds to the system of people you encircle yourself with and the open doors they could conceivably bear to you.

The hardships, trials, and tribulations you experience in life give you an awesome motivational training and inspirational learning educational experience.  From the rudimentary things, for example, don’t touch fire since it burns, or hot ice will stick to your skin. Education provided by my life is one which includes many puzzles & pieces of training in socialization, communication, and survival. The casual or informal training of life is the one that instructs you trust, love, empathy, and comprehension/understanding. A significant number of the things in life you won’t learn in a school however through your own particular encounters as a person.

In conclusion, education means to me is setting you up for not fearing remaining solitary when the world fears talking and making and looking for truths into new things, imparting to the world regularly being basic, not tolerating everything that is offered expressing unfavorable or opposing the judgments of the world. Above all what education really means to me is being able to do and not just what other ages or generations have already done but rather being innovative tackling issues recently by changing your point of view, going out on a limb and overlooking uncertainty and confronting fears.  Education implies defying guidelines and accomplishing something other than what is expected for accomplishing something else.

This is what education means to me which is not about years of education but about a lifelong process which means we are learning every single day of our lives from new experiences, trials, and tribulations which is part of growth and without it how can we change our lives to be better and to begin our new journey in life which is a definite lifelong process ahead!




Have FAITH in Healing by Valerie Cheers Brown

If I got myself off of all prescription drugs you can too! – Valerie Cheers Brown

“Mark Lucock’s paper/review of the exploration of folic corrosive by citing Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (p 211). Albeit numerous patients are persuaded of the significance of food in both causing and easing their issues, numerous doctors’ information of nourishment is lacking and not knowledgeable. Most feel substantially more alright with drugs than sustenances, and the “nourishment as solution” rationality of Hippocrates has been to a great extent dismissed. That might be going to change. Worry about obesity is soaring up political motivation, and a developing enthusiasm for the investigation of useful nourishments is opening up numerous restorative conceivable outcomes (p 180).”
“The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine,” and do I understand!
It won’t be easy but you will feel so much better and like the quote by William Osler states is very true.
Once you do your homework, researching foods to supplement what you are needing or lacking, and don’t be afraid of trying new things you will be on the road to recovery and having a new lease on life.
I am not a doctor or scientist and not telling anybody to stop taking their medications and this is just knowledge being shared which also helped me to realize that Hippocrates wisdom is knowledge I learned to use as a tool to heal thyself.
When I got myself off of the prescription medications it seemed that my brain was cleansed, my thoughts became clearer, I began writing more than ever, I feel better, I have more energy and am able, alive, & blessed to be able to share with you what God has done for me.
Nischal, A., Tripathi, A., Nischal, A., & Trivedi, J. K. (2012). Suicide and Antidepressants: What Current Evidence Indicates. Mens Sana Monographs10(1), 33–44. http://doi.org/10.4103/0973-1229.87287
Smith, R. (2004). “Let food be thy medicine…” BMJ : British Medical Journal328(7433), 0.

Medical Quandry by Valerie Cheers Brown

Are the connections between prescription drugs and the danger of suicide genuine? What’s more, provided that this is true, by what means can drugs that are proposed to help individuals rather conceivably incite them to end their lives?

Specialists say there aren’t numerous reasonable answers however prescription medication connects to suicide if in certainty genuine, could come about because of the medication itself, an underlying disease or condition that inclines somebody to sadness, depression or a mix of components of both,

Why do medications have side effects of suicidal thoughts in the first place?

Is a reason even known?

These are some answers people gave on Redditt:

#1 One reason is that serotonin and dopamine are involved in both psychiatric pathways and many non-psychiatric pathways from nausea and diarrhea to milk production. Therefore the drugs for many non-psychiatric diseases alter serotonin or dopamine, putting you at risk for psychiatric disturbances.

Another reason is that drug companies try to list all the problems that were reported when they did drug trials, even if there is no clear link (statistically or physiologically) between a problem and the drug. Lots of people have suicidal thoughts, especially people who are sick so that often shows up by chance and is listed.

In the end, though, there are numerous drugs that aren’t related to the dopamine or serotonin pathways and do cause a statistically significant increase in suicidal thoughts. The reason is simply not known.

#2 Drug companies have to list every side effect listed in human trials. That’s why you get obvious ones like experiencing drowsiness for sleep medications. Someone listed it and they had to put it in. Also if someone dies during the trials they have to list that as well, even if it is unrelated.

#3 Is that actually true? Do you have a source for that? It seems really unlikely. Do they have to list every illness or symptom felt by each participant or is there some threshold for statistical significance? On a sufficiently large trial, there will be participants that experience a variety of illnesses and symptoms after taking any drug (or even a sugar pill) simply by chance.

Clarifying EDIT: I want to clarify that by “list” I mean to list the illness as a “possible side effect” in advertisements or on pill bottles, etc. Of course, they should be required to maintain a list on their servers with all side effects experienced by every subject. It’s even reasonable that they should make that data freely available. But it’s not reasonable that they should have to list them as “possible side effects” in every advertisement.

EDIT: All of the replies so far sound like pure speculation. Can someone with some actual knowledge on the subject please chime in?

For example, if drug companies were required to (or regularly chose to) report every illness experienced by subjects, then essentially every drug tested in winter would have a sore throat and cough listed as a side effect.

Or what if the demographic being tested has a 5% chance of having a stroke during a given year and 4 out of 100 subjects have a stroke during a 1-year trial? It would be ridiculous in that case to require stroke to be listed as a side-effect.

This just seems really unreasonable and unlikely.

#4 Phase 1 studies for pharmaceuticals are studies conducted on ‘healthy individuals’ who are judged so by the investigator (MD) during a screening process which includes clinical lab panels, EKGs, vitals, and a physical at a minimum. The process is overseen by medical doctors who have discretion through concurrence with the drug company’s medical monitors to decide whether an adverse event which is reported during the study to be not associated with the study drug, not be associated with the study drug or may be associated with the study drug. These studies, which are mainly responsible for finding possible side effects, are overseen by ‘Independent Review Boards’ and heavily audited by the FDA in the U.S. and other government entities in other countries. Source- I job it

#5 Finally, a reply that actually addresses my question!

One followup question:
Do these panels consider adverse effects case-by-case only or do they look at patterns across the study? For example, one participant developing a cough is not likely a cause for concern, but if 30% of the participants develop a cough (especially if much fewer of the controls develop a cough) then it’s quite likely associated with the drug.

#6 Drug companies have to list every side effect listed in human trials.

This is true. I work for a company that develops the software drug companies use to run their study. During a human trial, all symptoms are recorded and stored in a database. Imagine what shit storm would occur if a company didn’t list a side effect they encountered during a trial and someone filed suit against them for encountering it.

As for the remark on unrelated death, I’m not certain. But I have seen ‘Death’ as a reason for subject ending a study.

#7 It’s perfectly reasonable that all reported side effects need to be stored in a database. My question is whether they all need to be listed in advertisements and on pill bottles, etc. This seems really unlikely to me.

What if the demographic being tested has a 5% chance of having a stroke during a given year and 4 out of 100 subjects have a stroke during a 1-year trial? It would be ridiculous in that case to require stroke to be listed as a side-effect.

In fact, it would be essentially impossible to test a treatment for heart disease (or any drug intended to elderly patients) that wasn’t required to list heart attacks or stroke as a side effect because out of a large pool of participants, someone is very likely to have a heart attack during the trial.

There are so many questions and answers and you can read them for yourself!

Isn’t it protecting the person who makes the prescription drug’s butt when they list all of the side effects?

So basically by law, if you ingest prescription drugs which have labeled or listed the side effects and you still take it and you die it is on you?

“Experts say there aren’t many clear answers but medication links to suicide, if in fact real, could possibly result from the drug itself, an underlying disease or condition that predisposes someone to depression, or a combination of factors.”

Aren’t there numerous doctors or potential patients who have documented narrative reports with sedate organizations of the FDA on no less than six medications or medication classes that may have been connected to scenes of self-destructive musings or activities?

Agreeing with an article I read, “In only the previous couple of months, the FDA has discharged a few warning notifications to the two specialists and general society about medications connected to self-destructive considerations or activities, including ‘Singulair,’ epilepsy drugs and the smoking suspension sedate ‘Chantix?’

Reports have additionally been recorded on numerous antidepressants, the flu tranquilizes ‘Tamiflu’ and the skin inflammation pharmaceutical ‘Accutane.’ It is a therapeutic dilemma that has specialists, drugmakers, government wellbeing authorities and patients befuddled and justifiably concerned.

Yet, how concerned would we say we are the buyers?

Why are individuals as yet taking drugs when they see what some have done to individuals?

Are the connections between these pharmaceuticals and the danger of suicide genuine?

What’s more, assuming this is the case, in what capacity can drugs that are planned to help individuals rather conceivably incite them to end their lives?

Finding a connection can introduce different issues. This wound up obvious when the FDA, in view of an audit of stimulant clinical preliminaries, found a slight increment in self-destructive reasoning among youngsters and youthful grown-ups taking antidepressants, for example, Paxil and Prozac.

The rate in those taking antidepressants was 4 percent, double the rate of those taking a fake treatment.

The data was added to the mark of antidepressants inside the most recent couple of years, pushing numerous specialists to quit recommending the medications for a large number of their patients.

“Utilization of antidepressants went down, and the suicide rate went up,” says Dr. Paula Clayton, restorative executive of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in New York.

What I don’t get is if you are supposed to be an expert shouldn’t you know why these prescription drugs give suicidal thoughts?

I am so tired of those who claim to be experts but don’t know a damn thing about the human brain which is a very complex organ and so evidently are these prescription drugs which can give suicidal thoughts. What is the method to this madness?

Let’s look up the word ‘EXPERT’ and see what does it mean: According to Webster, it means a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.
Shouldn’t these experts first be knowledgeable in knowing about the human brain complexities?
It breaks my heart to hear statements such as this one: ” When a suicide occurs, says Clayton, families, and friends look for answers, and because prescription medications are so prevalent, they may well find that their friend or loved one was taking one or more medications and often make the connection. “But that doesn’t mean that the drug was a factor in the death,’’ Clayton says.   Clayton and other psychiatric experts worry about listing suicidal thinking as a possible side effect on medications because, understandably, patients or their families are likely to see that and decide not to take a drug that could be beneficial for a medical condition.”
Please read above statement very closely where, “Clayton and other psychiatric experts worry about listing suicidal thinking as a possible side effect on medications because, understandably, patients or their families are likely to see that and decide not to take a drug that could be beneficial for a medical condition.”

Only 174 people saw this article which Mental Health on NBCNEWS.com reported. I don’t watch the television anymore but I do read and, The title of the story was, “The Mystery of Medications Linked To Suicide: As Number of drug warnings rise, investigators search for reasons why.”

I just say in conclusion, “Seriously?”

What is the method to our own madness in this world?

Can somebody, anybody help us to understand why doctors just won’t recommend food as your medicine?

Heal thyself!

From the Bible, Luke 4:23 (King James Version): And he said unto them, Ye will surely say unto me this proverb, Physician, heal thyself: whatsoever we have heard done in Capernaum, do also here in thy country.

Garbage Drugs by Valerie Cheers Brown

“Society, if you need to know why my country, the USofA’s, health care services costs are among the most elevated on the planet, a great place to begin is with what we discard. The nation over, nursing homes routinely hurl extensive amounts of consummately great physician recommended prescription: tablets for diabetes, syringes of blood thinners, expensive pills for psychosis and seizures!”

Not to mention external medications or discarded drugs may contaminate 40 million people’s drinking water!

Have you ever wondered what happens to medications when flushed?

Are we drinking, serving and giving medicated water to ourselves & our customers?

Many do not realize that millions of people flush unused prescription drugs in the toilet and discharge them in bodily waste, sewage treatment plants and septic systems are not required to deal with such contaminants?

Do you know that there is a vast polluting of the water and every time you look around more people are leaving us with unknown reasons why, yet the cause of death is natural? Does anybody pay attention to Big Pharma and how they get away with murder each and every second in this world?

What happens when people flush unused medications.

Why are there so many more health issues in the history amongst the people of this country?

Are things getting better or are things getting worse and why?

Is anybody paying attention?

I use myself as a clinical study!

Could it be because we dispose of them both unused and through bodily waste elimination?

What can be done by us people?

I have written about this before and another reason I choose not to drink tap water is that researchers have identified that there are traces of pharmaceutical drugs in the tap or drinking water supplies of more than 40 million Americans?

While there are side-effect pamphlets with medication!

Are there any disposal instructions on how to get rid of unwanted or no longer taking prescription drugs?

Does anybody pay attention to Big Pharma and how they get away with murder (no pun intended) of every second in this world?

Let’s ask these questions again and maybe somebody will explain this to me!

What happens when people flush unused medications. Why are there so many more health issues in the history? Could it be because we dispose of them both unused and through bodily waste elimination? What can be done by people? I have written about this before and another reason I choose not to drink tap water is that researchers have identified that there are traces of pharmaceutical drugs in the tap or drinking water supplies of more than 40 million Americans?

ProPublica is researching the kinds of waste in health care that scholastics and lawmakers ordinarily neglect. Our first installment  inspected the many millions worth of hardware and fresh out of the box new supplies that healing centers eject or throw away.

NOTE: “The EPA discourages flushing drugs since they pollute the water supply. However, it doesn’t have the expertise to restrict “sewering” the prescriptions. Just nearby specialists can take that position. It has, notwithstanding, proposed renaming the unused medications as risky waste, which would then restrict flushing them.  The Food and Drug Administration says certain pharmaceuticals are dangerous to the point that they ought to be discarded promptly, regardless of whether that implies flushing them. It even gives a rundown of medications suggested for flushing, for the most part, controlled substances like diazepam, also called Valium, and the powerful painkiller fentanyl.  The Drug Enforcement Administration needs to guarantee controlled substances, similar to opiate painkillers, aren’t occupied to the illicit medication advertise. It has suggested that long haul drug stores gather remaining medications by setting confines nursing homes that must be purged no less than every three days, yet that makes cost, bother and potential risk.  A few promoters say the creators of the medications ought to be in charge of arranging or reusing them. Scott Cassel, CEO of the Product Stewardship Institute, a philanthropic association devoted to diminishing the ecological effect of customer items, said the makers of batteries, hardware, paint and different items are required by law in a few territories to pay for the protected transfer of their items. Comparable laws require sedate creators to pay for the obliteration of extra family unit medicates in two states and around twelve regions, yet no laws address nursing homes.”

Just as there are bins for recycling, shouldn’t there be bins for disintegrating unused medications where nobody can get into them?

CONTACTS: CCE, www.citizenscampaign.org; National Prescription Drug Take-Back Days, www.nationaltakebackday.com; FDA’s “How to Dispose of Unused Medicines,” www.fda.gov/downloads/Drugs/ResourcesForYou/Consumers/BuyingUsingMedicineSafely/UnderstandingOver-the-CounterMedicines/ucm107163.pdf.

 ProPublica as “America’s Other Drug Problem.”

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Should YOU Take Statin Drugs? by Valerie Cheers Brown

“Each individual taking doctor-prescribed medications/drugs needs to comprehend that no medicine, even those over the counter or those sold as sustenance supplements, is without a dangerous risk and no medications are assessed for long-term utilization.”

Do ‘Statin’ drugs work?

What if I told you I had proof that a ‘Statin’ drug caused cataracts?

“An objective review of PubMed, EMBASE, and Cochrane review databases found that for every 10,000 people taking a statin, there were 307 extra patients with cataracts.20 This was supported by a separate JAMA study, which further revealed that the risk of cataracts is increased among statin users compared with non-users.21 Cataract is a clouding of your eye lens and is the main cause of low vision among the elderly.”

Suppose you have very serious joint inflammation/arthritis torment/pain. Your doctor/physician recommends you a ‘Stain’ drug which they’ve endorsed every other person, and it works! This new medication has given you new life! In any case, at that point, you begin hearing exasperating news reports—a similar medication is by all accounts causing an expansion in the rates of heart assaults and strokes.

What do you do?

How would you measure the dangers and the advantages?

This happened (but with more unfairness) with the famous, since-pulled back calming drug Vioxx. Furthermore, Vioxx won’t be separated from everyone else.

As indicated by another examination, approximately 33% of medications endorsed by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) appear to have a type of negative reaction that didn’t uncover itself amid littler, pre-advertise contemplates.


Be that as it may, the creators of the drug didn’t appear to be astonished, or even disturbed about the number.

All things considered, a medication coming to advertise is the greatest clinical preliminary of all.

One of the main reasons I weened myself off of all prescription medications along with drinking Kangen water which helped cleaned my cells in my stomach from all the toxins, chemicals, etc. is because, “At the point when ANY doctor or physician discloses to you that there are no dangers related with a long-term utilization of medications as straightforward as ibuprofen, this just means there are no examinations, no evidence with findings that can reveal to you the dangers or that the advantages may outweigh the danger or risks.”

What about medication which is being given to many for lowering cholesterol called ‘Statins?’

According to an article, I read, “Heart attack warning: Statins could be prescribed at the wrong dose,” People taking ‘Statins’ could either on the wrong type of cholesterol-lowering drug or not taking the right dose, a new study reveals.”

“Statins’ are a regularly endorsed physician endorsed prescription drugs aimed for bringing down cholesterol. Be that as it may, now specialists/experts have uncovered six million individuals could be on the wrong doses/measurement of statins – putting them in danger of HEART ATTACK!

NICE or The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is a health watchdog advocate which issued guidance on ‘Statins’ nearly three (3) years ago!

If you know anybody who is taking ‘Statins’ please do your homework and help them realize how important it is taking their medication and please read the drug information pamphlet.

I have written many blogs about checking medications, especially if you are taking more than one medication.  You should always check for contradictions while taking other medications and make sure that they can be taken together.

This is one reason I have always mentioned how I so hate the pillboxes and no two medications should be taken together and all medications should be taken from the prescription medicine bottle per their directions and not from a pill box.  No two medications should be taken together no matter what anybody tells you!!!!

Prescription medications will not work properly when taking all together and each one has its own directions you should follow per doctors orders.

“The life you save may be your own when checking here at Medscape before taking your medications.” 


Thousands of people are dying from heart attacks and strokes and all ages if you do your homework.

There are those who will beg to differ with this blog who will defend ‘Statins.’

Research and check out the ‘Mediterranean diet’ can be taken instead of ‘Statins’ and why doctors are not telling you this is puzzling me?

I am here blogging to let you know to please consider making ‘Foods’ your medication and all it takes is common sense and do your homework and check out what foods are good for whatever you are lacking, i.e. (Low Potassium) research and find foods good for low potassium such as fruits, i.e. bananas, cantaloupe, oranges, strawberries, kiwi, avocados; vegetables, i.e. greens, mushrooms, peas, beets, tomatoes; meats, i.e. beef, fish or turkey and/or juices, i.e. orange, prune, apricot & grapefruit (be careful with grapefruit juices and there are several medications that do not go with! 

I just lost a very young cousin who died in his sleep yesterday!  We just talked at his mom’s funeral a few weeks ago who was 92!  I asked him to promise me that he would take his medication right and I also asked him if he would promise me that he would slack up on drinking alcohol while on all of his medications, mainly ‘Statins’ he was taking because his doctor told him he had a bad heart!  We hugged each other for the very last time that day!

“With regards to utilizing statins to keep a first heart attack or stroke, one driving US guideline prescribes the medications to 9 million a bigger number of individuals than the other, as indicated by an examination distributed in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

This leaves specialists debating over who ought to get these cholesterol-bringing drugs when it comes down to 40-to 75-year-olds with no history of cardiovascular issues.

“Americans are taking more medications than ever before.” – Valerie Cheers Brown

Even as an opioid overdose crisis still sweeps the country, people are not taking all prescription medication seriously when taking!

I literally sit and listen to people speak about medications like they want you to give them an award.  I often ask people do you think you are supposed to take medications for the rest of your life? I get a pretty stupid look and have been told, “If I want to stay alive, I have to take this medication according to the doctor!”

It is just plain sad in my eyes that people don’t realize that eating food and taking as your medication is the much safer mother nature grown medication to be on and while we can grow our own medication, we can also improve our own well-being and heal thyself.

Listen to this: “In a very recent study released June 18, 2018, researchers found that the Canadian Society’s guidelines frequently suggest ‘Statins’ to about 44% of people between the ages of 40-75 who have no cardiovascular conditions. The American group’s percentages were 42% and 31%.

You have to listen to this video with Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta!


Do ‘Statins’ cause heart attacks and strokes?

If your numbers look pretty good why are doctors prescribing “Statin drugs?”

This is a list of ‘Statin’ drugs approved for use in the United States!  Are you taking any of these?

  • atorvastatin (Lipitor),
  • fluvastatin (Lescol, Lescol XL),
  • lovastatin (Mevacor, Altoprev),
  • pravastatin (Pravachol),
  • rosuvastatin (Crestor),
  • simvastatin (Zocor), and.
  • pitavastatin (Livalo).

NOTE: Please be sure and do your homework if you are on any of these prescription drugs!  There are a few foods which do not go well when taking ‘Statins’ i.e. Grapefruit juice, grapefruit, tangelos and Seville oranges!

I will be doing more research but from what I have researched aren’t ‘Statins’ supposed to help prevent you from having a heart attack isn’t it or help with people who have bad cholesterol levels?

“Sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease!” – Valerie Cheers Brown


NOTE: In 2012, the Federal Health officials announced new safety alerts to ‘Statins.’

The FDA cited odd or rare side effects, including diabetes, muscle pain & memory loss?

Why would anybody want to take any ‘Statin’ medications?

Can’t food heal what ‘Statins’ are supposed to do or prevent from happening just as well if not better?

Has anybody heart about any side effects to any foods lately?

I do know many have food allergies but does food have side effects?

If any drug has side effects should maybe society not be taking them?

If the FDA is making these great announcements letting people know who is the fault when some of these things they say could happen actually do happen?

Is the FDA wrong or we, the people wrong for putting our faith in man’s pills?

Listen to: “FDA Issues New Warnings on Statin Drugs” on YouTube for yourself and people let’s save our own lives and let’s break the vicious cycle and decrease the number of many dying from lack of knowledge of their prescription drugs!

Wouldn’t you think that the warning labels which are on the ‘Statins’ would make doctors not prescribe them to patients who multiple risk factors for heart attack?

It is time for us to wake up and take the time to save our own lives by becoming knowledgeable in what we are putting into our bodies!

My dad was on Lipitor and I know so many who take this medication!

Did you know that the FDA warned that patients consuming cholesterol battling ‘Statins’ could possibly acquire or become at higher risk of higher blood sugar levels and of being diagnosed with diabetes?

Are you serious and are you saying that ‘Statins’ can cause diabetes?

Don’t we have a big enough diabetes rate in this country without making and approving a medication which has a label stating it can cause diabetes?  I know so many people taking Lipitor, Crestor and Zocor and see them advertising on the TV when I sneak a peek of side effects which is on the screen so much it turns me completely off of the television and anything which has commercials!

Isn’t the diabetes issue real in this country?

Society says we must be on ‘Statins’ if we have bad cholesterol.

There are numerous foods which help with lowering cholesterol and check it for yourself people!

It’s your diet which gave you high cholesterol in the 1st place.  So, shouldn’t you be able to reverse this by changing your diet without taking ‘Statins?’

People, please wake up and research your medications you are taking and make sure they can be taken together or if you should even be taking them with such dangerous side effects!