Drug Induced Disease by Valerie Cheers Brown

I was diagnosed in 1999 with SLE or Systemic lupus erythematosus which after much research found to be drug induced and caused by a reaction to medicine or medication.

I know the medicine which caused or triggered this diagnosis and it was Reglan which is used for nausea. My body alerted me immediately and my face froze, could not breath, and I felt that I looked like a mannequin in a store window because my face felt like it was frozen and could barely make facial expressions except the one where I told my nephew what to do immediately and he called 911.

It was funny when my family describes how I looked, but what I was going through from the reaction was not funny at all, and I actually thought I was going to die!

At the time, I was in nursing school and had learned quite a lot about prescription medications and contradictions or side effects.  My nephew was right there for me and did exactly as I had shown him to do. I saved my own life really with the help of my family, but I held tightly onto that bottle as I could of that medication which had done that to me.

So, when the ambulance arrived I had the medication right in my hand, so they would know what not to give and what to give me once I arrived at the emergency room.

I did learn that our bodies let us know immediately when something is not right or wrong and you should not take it lightly and take it very seriously so that you can be treated accordingly.  If the doctors don’t know what you took they may give you the same thing which put you there in the first place.

That doctor has since booked and left Saint Louis right after he gave also gave to my younger sister medication which caused her to have toxemia and induced her labor way too early, and she is living and now battling cancer, but she is and am beating it too.

Thank God we come from a strong line of women and when it came to my father’s side and my mom’s side of the family and are survivors living well today to tell our stories.

Don’t let any illness or disease any doctor diagnoses and we have complete control and destiny of our own lives and bodies.

Choose to live and treat your body well by feeding it God’s foods and heal thyself.

Here is the research I found that states “Drug-induced lupus erythematosus is an autoimmune disorder that is brought on by a reaction to a medicine.”

I was on many of the listed drugs and be careful and make sure you keep a journal when taking any medications and instead of worrying about taking them, make sure you keep track of how you feel after taking them. Are they helping? Be sure to ask questions and also even a second or third opinion would not hurt. I feel that if you get two of the same diagnosis by two different doctors who nothing about you or your conditions, then they may know what they are talking about.

I just think it is a doggone shame that I found research and proof that this list of medications cause this disease called SLE Lupus, and therefore, I say, “Lupus is A Liar!”

The information I found has the nerve to actually state facts that: SLE may also be caused by certain drugs.

Please. everyone take care of yourself and read and research and the life you save may be your very own.